Annapurna Circuit Trek

I’m Stefano, 32 from Italy, and I’m planning to do the Annapurna Circuit starting at the end of April (I still haven’t booked my flights but the idea is to be in Kathmandu on 26/4).
If I find people to share transportation I would like to start north of Bhulbhule (Jagat or Dharapani) and invest those days in valley of Naar instead (which btw should be more rain shadowed). If that’s somehow impossible, then Bhulbhule is fine. The arrival would be in Jomsom.

I’m reading the old freely available NATT guidebook ( and considering a few deviations to avoid the main road and add some interesting-looking areas like:
– going thru Naar from Chame (actually 2km before Chame) to Braka to see, based on info I found, this adds 2 days to the AC -> this requires a guide and a RAP (75$) so unless somebody is willing to join, I’ll discard this part;
– hiking up to Tilicho Lake and back the same way/upper way (not crossing), based on info I found, this adds 3-4 days to the AC;
– spend 1 extra day in Kagbeni to experience the Upper Mustang culture and walking to the village of Tiri north of Kagbeni (according to this guidebook, still accessible without the Upper Mustang permit).

I’m an amateur photographer so I’m planning to take it with some calm to enjoy the scenery and ideally take a few nice shots to improve my portfolio

About guide/no guide I’m quite open. I was wondering it it’s maybe possible to get a guide only for the Naar side trip and for the Manang – Tilicho – Muktinath. I’d avoid porters considering it’s a well-supplied itinerary.

I guess I’m average fit (running, MTB, hiking, climbing, ski touring).



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  1. Hi Stefano!

    Your plan is indeed similar to mine! So we can defenitely discuss to do the trek together.


  2. Hi Stefano and Cami! I am planning to trek the AC these same dates (arriving 26/4), and would love to chat if you’re still looking for trekking partners! I am very flexible on the route—and think it’s generally best to defer to the photographers as a rule :)—my only restriction is that I will likely have to fly out of Kathmandu on May 19th. I’m reasonably fit (cycling, running) but have only done light trekking in the past.

    Would love to talk if you’re still looking for people, and if not, then perhaps I’ll see you on the trail!

  3. Hi Chris! Sure. The timing is perfect, I’m also leaving Kathmandu on 19 May (to Tibet).

  4. Here’s my idea, I’d be happy to skip one day of trekking at the beginning by taking a jeep/bus and use it later as a buffer in Kathmandu):
    gio 26 apr Flight arrival morning/midday, Kathmandu
    ven 27 apr Kathmandu, permits
    sab 28 apr 0 Bus Kathmandu to Bhulbhule
    dom 29 apr 1 Trek to Syange (skippable taking a jeep/bus to there)
    lun 30 apr 2 Trek to Tal (past Jagat and Chamje)
    mar 1 mag 3 Trek to Dharapani or Bagarchhap
    mer 2 mag 4 Trek to Chame
    gio 3 mag 5 Trek to Pisang
    ven 4 mag 6 Trek to Ngawal (past Ghyaru)
    sab 5 mag 7 Trek to Manang (past Braga)
    dom 6 mag 8 Rest in Manang, visit to Praken Gompa, trek to Khangsar
    lun 7 mag 9 Trek to Tilicho Base Camp
    mar 8 mag 10 Trek to Tilicho Lake and back to Tilicho Base Camp
    mer 9 mag 11 Trek to Yak Karka (past Shree Karka and Khangsar)
    gio 10 mag 12 Trek to Thorung Phedi
    ven 11 mag 13 Trek to Muktinath (past Thorung La)
    sab 12 mag 14 Walk around Muktinath to Dzongm and Purang
    dom 13 mag 15 Trek to Kagbeni via Lupra
    lun 14 mag 16 Walk around Kagbeni and Tiri
    mar 15 mag 17 Trek to Jomsom (also Marpha and back if there’s time)
    mer 16 mag Fly to Pokhara early in the morning
    gio 17 mag Fly/bus to Kathmandu
    ven 18 mag Kathmandu

    What do you think?

  5. Hi Chris, Stefano and Cami.

    I am also looking at very similar dates and itinerary. I fly into Kathmandu on the 26th April so would be looking to start on the 28th. Need to acquire passes. My only time frame is that I need to be back in Pokhara by 20th May to start a hospital placement. I am a nurse in NZ.

    So I am fairly flexible, and would really like to include a few side trips such as Tilicho lake.

    Would love to hear further plans if you’re still looking for a partner, otherwise I’ll see you out there. Thanks

  6. Hi Rocky, great!
    I’m landing on 26th April morning so I was thinking of acquiring the passes that afternoon, keep the day after as spare and leave on the 28th.

  7. Hey guys –

    I’m looking to start around those dates. Are you still looking for folks?

    I’m currently volunteering in Nepal and am flexible on start and end dates. I’m of average fitness. Barely an amateur photographer, but I do like taking photos.


  8. Hi Stefano,

    i would be happy to join you!

    I arrive on the 25th of April in Kathmandu and have similar plans.

  9. Hi everyone,

    i would be happy to join you!
    I arrive on the 25th of April in Kathmandu and have similar plans. I planned the tour with a friend but unfortunately she cracked her ankle. Even I have not as much time as you guys, it would be amazing if we can hike together during the first two weeks.

    Hope we get in contact and can work something out!

  10. Hi Stefano and the rest in this thread;

    My name is Rosario, girl from Mexico.
    Arriving around the the same dates to Kathmandu and looking for people to join in a trek! Hopefully I can still join! I’m open for dates and timing, the only thing that worries me a bit is the rain as I’ve read rain season starts soon!

    Let me Know!


  11. Hi all,

    Are you guys still looking for more people? We are an very relaxed Australian couple looking to do a similar journey and are flexible with our dates. Can we join your group?? We are fit enough and are happy to ‘follow the leader’!

  12. Hi everyone!

    I guess I might be a bit late but I would love to join if you’re still looking for people!
    I’m arriving in Kathmandu tomorrow in the evening, and would like to start to trek a few days after.
    I’m 25 years old, from France but I have been traveling in India for a month now.
    My dates are quite flexible but I will need to be back to Kathmandu around the 18th of May.
    Would love to hear from you,

    Feel free to send me a message on instagram (Charlotte.briand) if needed,