Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi, I’m planning on doing the Annapurna Circuit starting in Besisahar or Koto.
-> Pass by the Narphu valley if possible.
-> Manang and Tilicho lake
-> Jomsom via Thorong La Pass.
Then take the bus and do Tatopani -> Nayapul via Poon Hill.

I would like to start around the 14th do November for about 15-20 days.
I’m thinking about hiring a guide.

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  1. A guide…?


    • Weather is getting unpredictable so its better to have a Local Guide who has all contacts in case of emergency
      AMS may another reason for hiring a Guide since he surely have dealt such symptoms before and he can give expert advice to go ahead with the trek or not

  2. There is little chance of getting lost and the circuit is no longer terribly remote, the dynamic really isn’t the trekker exposed in the wilderness. Solos tend to quickly bunch together with other similar paced walkers and watch each other’s backs. Also, AC isn’t like 3 Passes etc where you can be trekking at altitude with opportunity to descend a couple of days hike distant; on AC you can turn around pretty much anywhere, and descend immediately on foot, easily available jeep, or bus even.

  3. I’m assuming Arnaud will know about AAC insurance, available with standard membership. Print out, read and pack Ts&Cs.

  4. Hi Arnaud
    I am from UK and planning to be in Nepal around 12th of Nov doing Annapurna circuit Tilicho lake and if I get a trekking partner want to climb Thorang peak as well. Let me know if you are intrested in joining up. I already have spoken to a guide based on my previous experiences in Nepal and share the details.

  5. Hi Guys !!!
    I think we are already 4 or 5 trekkers in the group heading to AC circuit mid -November,lets finalize meetup in Kathmandu around 10 November

    We are 2 trekkers and our plan is confirmed .We can book a Jeep from Jathmandu to Chame or Chamje and we can split the costs as well

    Thanks !

    • Hi Rashid, I would be interested in sharing the jeep. I’m planning to start the trek around 12th November. Do ping me on your dates.

  6. Also, I’m looking for buddies share a guide for the Manaslu trek. I land KTM Nov 11th. Hopefully after Manaslu I will then continue on AC (have done ACx4 (x5 if you include Mesokanto La crossing via Tilicho lake)).

    • Hi Dain, thanks for the reply, we might meet on the trek 🙂

  7. Hi Arnaud, I’m planning to start Annapurna circuit trek on the 12th of November and I’m doing it solo without a guide. Do let me know if these dates match.

  8. I don’t land until mid afternoon 11th, won’t clear Tribhuvan airport until…anyone’s guess really. KTM immigration was often glacial paced pre covid.

    ALWAYS go Upper Pisang, drop off the road just after Dukhur Pokhari, after crossing one of the 2 or 3 adjacent bridges, immediately take the chance to make your way away from the river and gradually upwards, if you stay low by the river it takes you all the way to Lower Pisang, then its quite steep to UP.

    There were TIMS & ACAP offices on the main drag in Besisahar last time I did AC. Quite close together on opposite sides of the road. I’m pretty sure they’re still there.

    Greenline coaches from Thamel KTM used to be handy at approx $20? (no discount fare, to Pokhara but trekkers get off at Dumre and change for Besihar). Lunch stop at ‘Treetops’ style hotel inc. in price. There are minibuses for the more budget orientated.

    Toyota Landcruiser is a better option for Jeep travel . A long Mahindra journey will leave you a broken man.

    • Thanks for the info 🙂

  9. Hi folks !
    I have enquired about 4W drive Jeep from Kathmandu to Chame,The driver quoted 26000 Nepalli currency or 216 Dollar, which can be split among trekkers

    Public transport in Nepal is slow and highly uncomfortable so it will be a great idea to book a Private jeep instead to Trailhead

    My plan is a bit delayed by day or two,and i will be reaching around 15 November but i have gears and LP guide ready since i did Langtang valley trek in March 2021 and i can start same day


  10. Greenline is a dedicated tourist coach outfit with reasonably comfortable seating, stops are just dedicated comfort type breaks – a mini chai/breakfast/toilet break mid morning plus a decent lunch stop. GL yard is in (right on the edge of) Thamel. After parking your excess travel kit in the hotel strongroom (they all have one) you can just leave the hotel in trek gear plus rucksack, wander over to GL for 07:00 and a brew/scuff about a bit whilst everyone turns up.

    Obvs a local bus from Dumre onwards won’t be so luxurious but other options would ‘present’ themselves in Dumre. I generally just catch the local bus on to Besi. I shared a roof rack with the luggage and a goat on a local bus once, the appeal was short lived. I’ve done KTM/Dumre/Besisahar/walk to Bhulebule in one long day every time but not since 2016. Not sure how attractive Besi to Bhulebule is these days unless a NATT trail is available. ‘kin road is a pain when passing vehicles kick up the dust (training for walking down from Muktinath into the dust devils!). Marpha is a gem, maybe overnight there, Jomosom is just about bearable for the banks and a lunchbreak.

    Flights used to land at 09:00, clear immigration, taxi/ditch my gear in a hotel, walk straight over to the NTB for my ACAP/TIMS, book the coach on the way back to the hotel, to be wheels rolling out of KTM early the following morning less than 24hrs after touchdown. Different times..

    • Hi Dain !
      Thanks a lot for your valuable information.Nowadays Road has been build upto Khangsar -above Manang and it us not a wise decision to trek on djrt road with vehicles plying
      Trekkers now take a Jeep upto Chamje or Chame .A trekker have to change 3 vehicles if he us using public transport.

      I gave been to Pokhara score times and i am aware of present condition of route

  11. The NATT trails had improved the trek when I did AC in 2016, there must be more of them now, very handy for getting away from the road (and, frankly, helping to save the trek because nobody would do it if there were no NATT options). Even then folk were getting jeeps to Jagat and missing Ghermu and other little places. And while folk bus thru Tukche/Larjung on the west side to head on towards Tataopani but you can just avoid them both pretty much by walking down thru the Seabuckthorn bushes on the far side of the wide river bed (I think that’s what they are), great cover from the wind too. I think much depends on the scope of the latest NATT routes as shown on the maps available in Thamel. Time is often the deciding factor, folk who are pushed for time can cut out the early part of AC. If you have the time, why cut out the early section. Even the views back down across the terraced rice paddies below the middle hills are treat.