Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi there.

Here we start again!

My trekking partner is stranded in Europe because of snow storm (how ironic :-)) so I look for one or several partners to do the Annapurna Circuit. Starting from Kathmandhu on 3rd March (or Besih Sahar on 4th).

I am a French gentleman, 48 years old and avid hiker (although not so much experience in high elevations). I plan to go at a leisury pace and enjoy the views and few beers in the evening.

I am still undecided about a porter (I guess I can decide on the spot or after a few days) and happy to share one if convenient .

I like to leave early and enjoy lazy afternoon at the lodge (as day walk are mostly 5-7 hours) but again I am very flexible on this point.

I enjoy reading, movies, travel (obviously), good conversations good wine/food (probably not so much on this hike) and also time on my own.

let me know here if interested to join all (or part) of the trip… write or WhatsApp me : +33 6 42 62 40 09





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