Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey everyone.

I am planning to do the EBC trek as well as the Annapurna circuit / ABC. I will be in Nepal on march 8 and will have about 45 days, and would love to do all the extra stuff along the way. I’d like to do the EBC first and then do the treks around Annapurna. I’d love to hear everyone’s plans and/or any insights and tips for the two treks. I’d like a hiking buddy or two for the treks but i am fine with going solo (most likely no guides or porters). I am from the PNW in the states and love taking pictures. Will be starting dental school later in the year so im excited to start fulfilling all my outdoor cravings and necessities.

I’ll likely start the Annapurna treks around March 28.





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  1. Hoping to start the Annapurna circuit and base camp trek around 3/27. Would love to hear everyone’s plans and any suggestions. And of course would love to buddy up whenever and wherever

  2. Hi John

    This is Wyna from Hong Kong. I’ll be doing Annapurna Circuit Trek around your time as well (date TBC, 12-18 days). To cut cost I plan to skip package tour and look for a private guide (~20-30 USD/day). It’d be great if anyone would join me so we could split the guide fare!

    Btw, I’ll be travelling across Nepal properly until May/June, feel free to contact me for some hangout:)

    Bon voyage~

  3. Hi John! Still looking for someone to join you for Annapurna Circuit?