Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey, my name is Sarah, aged 25 and I’m from the North West of England. I will be travelling solo and this will be my first time travelling so looking for some fun, like minded people to trek with! Gender and age do not matter.

I am thinking of going to the Kukur Tihar Festival in Kathmandu 7th-9th November then maybe set of trekking from Pokhara but I am open to options on where to set off from and when.

I would want to find partners that would like to enjoy the side treks aswell as the Annapurna Circuit. It doesn’t matter how long it takes as I have all the time in the world, the longer we have to enjoy the beauty, the better. Preferably would like to do the trek without a guide or porter to save on money, although this is not ethical, it will be made up for along the way.

I have trekked before but nothing more than a day but I think?! my fitness levels are good! We will find out on the way. Although I will be doing plenty of running and walking throughout the year in preparation.

I know this is far in advance but I can’t get it out of my mind! Excited!!



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  1. Hey Sarah.
    I am Henrik from Denmark. I am 36 years of age, and I am going to Nepal for two months, around September, Oktober and November. I am not locked on the exact dates yet.
    I plan on doing both the Annapurna trek, and the EBC trek while I am there, and would very much like some company, since I havent been hiking on my own before.
    I am not in the fittest state yet, but like you, I plan on doing some exercise before leaving.
    My plans are not fixed yet, so I am very flexible. Just wanna get out there and enjoy it all.
    Get back to me if you are interested in some company

    • Hi Henrik!
      It would totally depend on your dates. If you was to go as early as September then I would be unable to do this. My flight is 1st Novemeber so any time after that is achievable 🙂 if you decide to go around that time then lets stay in touch.

  2. Hello Sarah.
    I am Spanish and I am 26 years old. I am going to Nepal in October and November. I am looking for a team and I saw that you want to go to the Annapurna circuit. If you want we can go toguether and find more people to go around. I would like to start the trekk in November. Sorry for my english. If you are interested please let me know. Thank you.

    • Hi Kevin.
      Yeah this sounds good! The dates that you are looking to trek are similar to mine. Lets stay in touch.
      P.s. your english is good!

  3. Hey again…
    this is starting to get interesting :)…
    I havent booked a flight or anything yet, but it looks like our ideas are about the same.
    As you wrote Sarah, lets stay in touch.
    Regards, Henrik

  4. Hello Sarah
    I am Manish, aged 42, I am from Howrah, West Bengal, India. I will also be trekking solo for the first time. I am also looking for fun & fitness. Age & gender is also not a factor for me.I am also searching a partner for Annapurna Circuit Trek. I also want to trek without a guide or Porter. I have also lot of time to enjoy the beauty during trek. In May I have ran a half marathon in hills of Kalimpong in timing 02:19. I have not done a trek earlier, although I am a marathoner & have ran several half marathons & 10 kms. My fitness level is also good for trekking. I am in habit of running since 2010. It seems we are like minded people and can be good partner for trekking together. I am also excited for my upcoming Annapurna Circuit Trek, I have not yet booked my flight tickets, I have chosen the November month for trekking.. If you think I can be your trekking partner then suggest me the dates. We can meet in Kathmandu or Pokhra as u wish. I am determined to finish the Annapurna Circuit Trek successfully. We can discuss further on wats app on my number +919830023273.

  5. Hi Sarah,
    I am Sunil. I am 62 yrs and regular in trekking. My dates are fixed .Reaching Kathmandu on 8th November 2018 . Planning for The ABC trek combined with Mardi Himal and/or Khopra danda trek . I shall start from Pokhara on 9th or 10th November depending on getting the tims card and ACAP permit as 9th is big festival day in Nepal and complete it within 21st November as my return flight is on 22nd . I have previously done EBC and Annapurna Circuit Trek in Nepal . We can trek together.

  6. Hi Sarah, my name is Priscilla, I am 35 and am looking to fly into Katmandu on around the 8th of November. I too am looking for trekking buddies that are easy going, flexible, fun loving and want to have an amazing trip enjoying the beautiful scenery. I am not bothered by the time we take either, and would enjoy some side trips. I would really love to relax in the hot springs along the way and enjoy the village life. I will have just completed my nursing degree and wont start work until January. I have reasonable fitness at the moment but I plan to amp this in the next 3 months.
    I look forward to hearing from you, Priscilla

    • Hi Priscilla,
      I am from Kathmandu Nepal and planning for the trekking at the same time so we can join together.

  7. Hi Sarah, my name in Marion. I’m 30 and I’m French.
    I’m also planning to hike in November the ACT so would be very keen on finding some partners for it. I will arrive in Katmandu on the 1st of November. My fitness levels are good too but I’ve not hiked more than 4 days. Let me know if you’re interested in talking more about it.

  8. Hi Sarah. I have similar plans. I am arriving on Nov. 4 th and am planning to do the full circuit trek + Naar Pu + Ice lake + Tichilo lake + Poon Hill + ABC. I am 66 retired and live in Israel and am in no rush and and travelling alone. I love trekking but have done only day treks and this is my first time in Nepal. I am about to decide which porter + guide (two people) to hire after checking out quite a few. Since I was planning to travel alone I would even consider footing the bill for the guide and porter. Naar Pu cannot be done without a registered guide and you need a special permit for it with at least two foreigners. I would not suggest that you travel without a guide especially if you want to side trips and its your first time in Nepal. It can be dangerous especially with altitude sickness. If you are interested write me

  9. Hi Sarah and everyone!
    I’m Arthur, 26, from Brazil and I’ll be arriving in KTM on the 30th of October. I’m planning to spend the first week in the valley for the Festival as well and then start the trekking business! I’m planning on doing ACT with some side treks along the way and maybe ABC afterwards, depending on the tiredness haha
    I’ll be taking as it goes, seizing the moment and the view as i’ll have plenty of time there and it’ll be my first time trekking, so no rush at all
    Not very keen on hiring a porter either…

    Let me know!

  10. Hi everyone! Sorry i’m replying so late. Hi, sorry for the late reply! I’m landing on 2nd, will be in kathmandu for 9 nights so i can sort out my indian visa then i’ll be in pokhara for 2 nights. Do you still want to join for trek? My friend has since decided that he is coming also but you are more than welcome to join. Hopefully we will be getting a group of us together. Inbox me if interested and hopefully we can meet up somewhere 🙂

  11. Hello serah
    Planning to go for trekking adventure To Annapurna Circuit Trek around 6/7/8/9 th November, I’m flexible on the dates given above.

    The most importantly I have never done long term trekking, so this gonna be my first ever long trekking adventure.

    Actually I’m alone here, for that reason I’m looking for a good trekking partner or group to enjoy this trekking adventure

    If you are interested please leave a message.

    • Hi. I have similar plans. Look at my post for Nov. 6 or at my reply to Sarah. Am looking for trekking partner for Naar Pu and other side trips. If you think this suits you contact me.

  12. Hi Sarah/all!
    I arrive to Kathmandu on 9th November in the evening – and want to start the AC during the weekend (10th or 11th November). I’m now figuring out what the right plan re. the permits is.

    I’m an active person – and best/biggest trekking experience so far has been Camino Santiago which I did last year.

    Would be great to connect with you/others responding here starting around the same date!

    Looking forward,