Annapurna Circuit Trek

I just arrived in kathmandu and everything is so exciting!
My Plan is to start the annapurna circuit trek on february 26th and drive from kathmandu to besisahar on february 25.

I want to do the trek without porter or guide but would be even happier to share some days (or even the whole trek) with others.
Unfortunally i have a really strikt starting date, because i need to be back in kathmandu march 16th (which makes 18 days on the trek)
And I can not start earlier, because i’m doing a meditationcourse in a monastery before.

That’s also why I wont have any Internet Access from february 14 on.
Would be great to hear from you earlier or even super spontaniously on february 24 when i am leaving the monastery!

Bye! Tessa



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  1. Hey Tessa, I was planning on getting on the trail by the 21st or so, but like you I’m out of here by the 18th at the latest. Maybe we could work something out