Annapurna Circuit Trek

Looking to set out on the Curcuit around the 10th of February. I’d like to do the trek independly (should be pretty straight forward).
Ill be in Pokhara on the 7th and will be heading out from there. I can also meet perhaps closer to the start of the trek.

I would like to find a companion(s) to walk the trek with me. Ok with laid back to moderate pace (willing to hustle when beed be).
Can offer basic human campionship and a defense sense of humor.



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  1. Hey Jonathan, I’m looking to do the Annapurna circuit around the same time as you! I‘d love to do it quite leisurely and have the time to maybe do some side treks and have enough time to acclimatize, get off the beaten track! I’m spending 2 month in Nepal and have a flexible schedule. It would be nice to maybe meet up and see if we want to do some trekking together if you are still looking for someone to join you? Right now I’m in Kathmandu!