Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hello to everyone!!
I’m Paola an italian photographer, and i’m planning to do the Circuit between march and April;I just fixed my flights and I ‘ll be in KTM on march 16th; I want to walk trough the classic way from besi Sahar to Nayapul, maybe with some variation to Phu and Tilicho lake.
I’m planning to trek for 20 day and then move to the Chitwan national park.
I don’t want to pay for the guide or the porter.
I have some experience of trek in the Alps in Italy till 3000m.



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  1. Hi Paola!

    Very interested in doing this trek around a similar time to you! Keeping it as cheap as possible along the way.

    I’m semi-experienced with trekking and I’ve done a few multi-day treks. The most significant being Kilimanjaro to 5895m.

    Are your dates fixed?


    • Hi sam! sorry I didn’t see your message before!!
      I just fixed my plane: I’ll be in KTM on march 16th and i have my flight back home on april 15th .
      How are your dates ?

  2. Hi Paola,
    I am planning to do Annapurna Trek too and i have quite the same dates in mind, same travelling style as you. Are your dates fixed? I ll be in nepal from 13th of march.
    Greetings from Austria

    • Hi Barbara!!!
      Yess i bought the flights just yesterday evening : i’ll be in KTM on march 16th then I want to start immediately to trek.
      Do you think we can walk together?
      how many days do you have?
      I have my flights back on april 15 th.

      Have a nice day

    • Hey Barbara
      I will be in Kmd on 13th too. And I want to do this trek on 15th.

  3. Hey! I’m also planning to do the same route. I would prefer no guide or porter too. I’m arriving on March 2nd, but have some plans prior to doing the circuit. I also love photography, so would be great to be with some likeminded people 🙂

    • HI tim!!
      do you think you’ll still be in ktm on March 18 th? I ‘m planning to start the trek only for that date..
      It would be great walk toghether!!

  4. Hi Paola. I’m flying to Kathmandu on Mar 17th. And planning to head to Besisahar the next day. Photography is a big hobby for me and I hope to take a lot of photos while on the trek. You can see in my profile a preliminary itinerary for my trip as my schedule is a bit tight. I have to fly out on April 2nd.

    • Hi !! sorry ! I didn’t see you message before !!
      wow… i’m arriving in ktm on 16th march and i was planning to go to besisahar on the 18 th so we can go together if you want!!

    • Hey. That would be great. How do you plan to go? I was planning to go with a micro bus from Kathmandu to Besisahar, instead of the local buses. If sharing with other people, I would consider a shared private jeep as well. Would you already have your permits by then? I would either get them in the morning in KTM, or leave early and get them from Besisahar.

  5. Hey Paola,
    Looks like I have the same plan as you, Anapurna Circuit with lots of photo breaks, but I’m afraid I’ll arrive in KTM to late for you (Can’t hurt to reach out though 😉 ).

    I’ll get to KTM march 21 and I guess I could depart for the ACT on the 23rd, maybe 22nd.

    Cheers Steffen

  6. Hey Paola and everyone,

    I would love to join your trekking plan. Definitely looking for some trekking buddies and don’t mind taking photo breaks as I’ll be doing the same. I have been volunteer teaching in Nepal for the past 2 months and will be returning to the city on March 8th. Have been looking forward to trekking this whole time, and starting in mid-March would be perfect.

    I don’t have much experience with multi day treks, but have lots of mountain experience and appreciation. Born in a town over 3,500 meters 🙂

    Also I have a super flexible schedule and have thrown around the idea of visiting Chitwan, too, so I’d be happy to discuss those plans of yours.

    If anyone is free to meet after March 8th to discuss a trekking plan, let me know.


    • Hi Audrey!!
      it would be wonderful to start together the circuit..or maybe also to the permits together; if you ‘ll be still in Ktm on 16th it would be nice talk about the trek and meet there, i have one month so i was thinking to do some variation first of all the Nar pho valley and then Tilicho lake..are you interested too?