Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi there,

I arrive in Kathmandu on February 19th and plan on treking AC without a guide or porter and taking in side treks along the way. I’m hoping to trek for around 3 weeks, but am open to teaming up together for a bit and splitting up if we have different plans or whatever.

Get in touch if you have similar plans!





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  1. Hey Gavin,
    Do you have a date you would like to leave for the trail? I will be getting to Kathmandu feb 11th but am thinking about waiting until end of feb- early mRch to start walking. I have a pretty flexible schedule and would also like to spend about 3 weeks on the trail.

    • Hi Bobby,
      I’m probs gonna leave for the trail on the 21st. I’ll be in Kathmandu from 19th if you’re still in the area and fancy meeting up. Cheers.

    • Hi,
      Looks like there’s a chance i’ll be heading out closer to mid February now. If that changes I will definitely let you know and maybe we can meet up. or cross paths on the trail! Safe Travels!

  2. Hey Gav!

    I plan to start the Trek on february 26th. Is this to late for you?
    I also want to do the trek without porter or guide but i’m sure it will be more fun if one could share some experiences!

    • Hi Tessa, Yes I’m aiming to leave for the trail on the 21st but I have quite a while to do the circuit so maybe see you on it at some point!