Annapurna Circuit Trek


I arrive in Kathmandu from London 20th Feb and looking to trek for 3 weeks (no departure date from Nepal set and want to take advantage of the side treks!).

I am swaying towards heading to Pokhara first, picking up hiking gear and storing my main rucksack in a hostel there before starting the trek so I have all my belongings in Pokhara once I have completed the circuit. Be interested to know what others are doing with their non-trekking belongings?

I have done one trek earlier this year and keep fairly active. I am a solo traveller, this is the start of a 6 month trip! Looking for other independent trekkers to meet before to start the trek with

Let me know!



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  1. Hi Jaymini,

    I will be arriving in Kathmandu on the 20th on a solo trip, and expect to begin the Circuit on the 21st as well. I’m planning on leaving my gear at my hotel in Kathmandu, however, and going directly to Bhulbhule from there (I’ve read it’s pretty straightforward to leave belongings at hotels in Kathmandu for trekking).

    I’ve not done anything like this before, and have been living a pretty sedentary life in Jakarta for the past few years, so I have no idea what my actual pace will be. I also have no set departure date, save having to be in Delhi on Mar 24th, and am hoping to do side treks like Tilicho, etc. I’d also be interested in starting the trek with someone!

  2. Hi Tim,

    Where are you planning on staying in Kathmandu? Still debating whether to start head to Pokhara before or not but be great to meet with you before as I’ll probably stay a night or 2 in Kathmandu when I arrive in Nepal before the trek

    • Somewhere in Thamel, I haven’t planned that far ahead–got a lot to do between now and then…But, yes, would be nice to meet up, even if I start earlier, there’s a chance you’ll catch up to me–like I said, I’m trying not to overestimate my fitness!

    • The Trekkers Home is centrally located and it’s pretty easy to get around. They also do luggage storage

  3. Hi Jaymini and Tim,
    My name is Tara and I’m also going to be in Nepal around then (arriving the morning of the 21st Feb and staying for a month), and I’m looking for a couple people to trek with for 2-3 weeks. I’m not 100% decided on routes yet but am leaning towards the Annapurna circuit. I’m 31, in pretty good shape (I run regularly and play sports), although no long treks recently. I’m from Canada but have been living abroad for a number of years. If you’re interested in a third trekking partner, and/or meeting up in Kathmandu on arrival, let me know!

    • Hello Tara!
      I’m trying to get onto the trail quite rapidly after arriving on the 20th–ideally the following day, as I want to be in Manang by the 28th–, but as I wrote in my reply to Jaymini, I wouldn’t be surprised if the first few days I was pretty slow!

  4. Hey Tim, ok! Maybe see you on the trail then!

  5. Hi guys!
    I’m Francesco from Italy and I’ll spend about 3 weeks in Nepal on a solo trip.I’ll arrive in Kathmandu the 19th Feb and I’m thinking to start the 21th or the 22th from Besisahar and to finish in Nayapul.I would like to hire a guide (I’m not so familiar with high mountain trekk) but also I’ll be glad to share this experience with other people.Maybe we could keep in touch on Facebook or whatsapp? Please let me know!bye

  6. Hi everyone,
    I’m Joe and a solo traveller from England. Am currently in Kathmandu and am staying in Nepal for a further 3 weeks or so. Was planning on doing a 2 week trek (roughly) on around the 20th but am flexible!
    Have a fair bit of trekking experience, none abroad but have done numerous trips in the U.K!
    Like the idea of Annapurna sanctuary, base camp and langtang treks, but not too fussed where! If you’re looking for another partner, I would love to join for at least some of you’re trek!
    All the best!

  7. Hi all–let’s just start a WA group perhaps? My number is +62 813 8030 1163. I’d be open to starting on the 22nd, morning of the 23rd latest!

    • Hi all,
      my number is +39 3471585612 For me also it’s ok to start the 22nd.

  8. Hey guys, my number is +201016623202 for WA.
    I’m not sure I’d be able to join as I arrive on the 21st and it may be a little rushed. Are you thinking to leave from Besisahar already on the 22nd or from Kathmandu? For now make your plans and I’ll see if it works for me to join.

    • Hi Tara,
      I was thinking to start the 21st from Kathmandu but if we organize a group I can wait one more day.There is a bus starting in the early morning (6-7 am) from Katmandu and It takes 6-7 hours to Besisahr.If it doesn’t arrive late we could start the trekking the same day for just 2-3 hours.When you arrive the 21st you should get the ACAP and TIm permits in the travel office in Kathmandu.

  9. ‭‭+44 7764 340595‬‬ Hi all, this is my WhatsApp number. Either the 21st or 22nd works for me.. havnt used WhatsApp before, is there a group I need to join?

  10. Jaymini are you with us?

  11. Hi! Add me +447762846841

  12. Hey guys! I’m currently in Pokhara and was hoping to start the Annapurna Circuit around the 19th-21st. I have been farely sedentary lately also so it might take me a bit to pick up some pace.. But I’m always up for a challenge and to push myself. My whatsapp is +61455506625 if you guys are still looking for trekking buddies 🙂

  13. Hi, I just arrived in Kathmandu tonight and I plan to start hiking around the 20th or 21st. I’d love to join another group of hikers and coordinate on the ground here or at the trailhead. I’ll be getting permits and gear in the next few days. Oh and I’m Shane and I’m from Canada.

  14. Oh and my whatsapp is +13062019296

  15. Hello! I am a little late in the game, but I am keen to join for a portion. I am in Pokhara and can leave as soon as tomorrow (20th) but would not like to leave much later than the 22nd. Can I be added to the what’s app group? +18586927094 I work as a trekking/outdoor guide back home so at least I’m useful? ‍♂️

    • Hi Tyler, I’m in Kathmandu and plan to go direct to BhulBhule to start there and you time frame sounds solid. I’m Shane and my whatapp is +13062019296. Let me know