Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hello trekkers!
I’m looking for some people to join me in the Annapurna Circuit for the month of February. I will be arriving in KTM Feb 3rd and have a flight out on March 3rd to give some extra time. I am a long time athlete but first time long-term trekker, so I’m hoping to meet some people either here or in KTM or Pokhara before heading out to have some company!

I’ve done a fair bit of research so I am looking forward to the challenges and the beauty that trekking the Annapurna circuit in February brings. I am open to adjusting the length/schedule as we go (ABC or not, days here or there to do side treks and acclimatize) but unfortunately, my dates are set as this is my holiday from teaching in China. I could leave somewhere between Feb 4-6. I am hoping to trek for about 3 weeks, but am also open to starting together and splitting up if we have different paces/places of interest. I am also looking to keep this low budget, so just doing tea houses, no guides/porters, etc. Would love to hear from you if you are interested! Thanks 🙂



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  1. Hi Becca,

    Are you at all interested in doing the Annapurna Base Camp Trek or is it already part of your trek? That’s the one I’m planning on doing around the same dates as you.

    • Hi Amna! Yes I’m very interested in doing it as long as I have time. What dates will you be in the area?

    • I’ll be available to trek from Pokhara Jan 29 onwards. My flight out of Kathmandu is on Feb 20th. The ABC trek should take around 10 days so even if I start on Feb 5, I’ll be done by Feb 15/16 which works for me.

    • Okay, great. I’m actually spending time with a friend in Kathmandu now so I will be taking the bus from KTM to Pokhara the morning of Feb 6. Would that still work for you? What village were you planning to leave from?

    • Hi Becca, right now I’m not entirely sure about what day I would start my trek – I might go earlier than Jan 5 or 6 if it works out. Maybe I can contact you after January 29th and we can see if our plans will still coincide. I’ll be in Pokhara around that time.

    • I meant Feb 5/6.

    • Okay, great. You can message me on here if it will work out. Otherwise, best of luck trekking!

  2. Hi Becca, I along with my wife are looking for the trek in starting of Feb.

    • That’s great! Have you already booked your flights? I will be getting to Pokhara February 6

  3. HI Becca, seems like you already have quite the crowd! I also was looking for a partner for those exact dates (I arrive to Kathmandu Jan 30 for a month). I was in between EBC and ABC but would be open for either. I am also a long time athlete but first time long-term trekker.

    • Hi Pablo,
      Are you interested in doing Annapurna Circuit? I will be arriving in Pokhara (or Besisahar depending on where people want to start from) on the 6th.

  4. Hello Becca,
    I’m from Germany and I will arrive in Kathmandu on the 3rd of February. I would like to do the Annapurna Circuit maybe with the Tilicho Lake as well. I am also looking for someone to join me as I don’t want to book a guide or porter and to keep this trip low budget. If you plan on leaving around the 4th or 6th of February I would love to join you.
    I have some experience with hiking in the Alps but nothing higher than 4000m, so this is also going to be my first long-time trekking in higher altitudes.
    If you are interested in doing the trip together feel free to reply or answer some more questions.
    Looking forward to this trip. 🙂

    • Hi Paulina,
      That sounds great! I am also very interested in Tilicho Lake. I will be arriving in Pokhara or Besisahar on the 6th and could begin then. If that works for you, you could send me a message and we could exchange contact information!