Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hello fellow trekker enthusiasts!

I am planning a trip to Nepal in the Fall of 2018. There are so many options of treks to do it is overwhelming, but I have flexible dates, and am keen to explore the nepalise culture and mountains. I am from the rocky mountains in british columbia and spend a lot of time in the mountains. I would love to hear people’s plans and ideas on the best treks to take on and how long one should spend on each on. Also, would love to find a travel buddy that I could meet up with!





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  1. Hello Kaitlin,

    I saw your post about trekking the Annapurna Trek.
    I am also looking for a trekking mate to share such an experience with. I’ll be going to Nepal in January, first doing some charity work and then coming back to Katmandu in February to start my own trip.
    I am German living in Austria , very active , love ll kinds of sports.

    I’d be pleased if I hear from you , maybe it works our to meet up.


    • What kind of charity work? I have been looking for some kind of volunteer work as well. And yes if it works out I would love to meet up! This site is so great! Lets keep in touch! Do you have plans of what hikes you want to do in Nepal?

  2. Hello Kaitlin and Julia,

    I was looking through the Annapurna posts for people trekking in March 2018. I have been making plans with a friend for a couple months now, but you know how that goes, things change and now headed solo. I was thinking I would just meet people on the trail but then I found this website, always more fun to share an adventure.

    I live in the United States. Do a fair amount of ski touring and live an active lifestyle.

    It would be great to chat about Annapurna and share the research we have done.


  3. Hi Connor, hi Kaitlin,
    Im an optometrist and set up with an organization called visionfortheworld. I will be teaching and training in an eye clinic in Biratnagar.

    I thought of trekking for about 2 weeks, I think that is enough for me.
    Would like to get going around 15-18 of Feb. Are you both coming to Kathmandu first ?


  4. Hi Kaitlin,

    I will be arriving in KTM from London on 02.03.18 and am looking for trekking partners that would be interested in hiking the Annapurna Circuit/Base Camp and Tilicho Lake Trek without guide or porter, staying at tea houses. If this interests you please do not hesitate to contact me…:)

    Kind Regards,


  5. Hello all,

    Mid February dates work for me. February 19th is a US holiday so I was hoping to use that for a free extra day of vacation. I am currently planning to fly in and out of Kathmandu, I would most likely arrive the 17th and could start the trek on the 18th. My plan was to be on the trail for roughly two weeks as well.


  6. Hi Kaitlin , I am Planing For PIN PARWATI PASS TREK ( parvati valley – spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh , India – 10-11 days – approx 100kms trek, 5400m height ) (Date: on June 2018 , date can be flexible according to weather condition)

    Plan: – Not to go via any company but arrange on own. I’m wondering if 3 more people can join in. Idea is, we can hire 2-3 porter.


    *This way it will be very cheap per day cost 3 porter 500 Rs *3 = 1500. From travel companies it cost around 25-30k even more per person.

    It will not be a luxurious trip. We need to carry some laguage and provide help in bedding and cooking if required. Feels good…right?

    About Me: I’m a more of a solo traveller. I had traveled almost half of India that includes RAJSTHAN (Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaislmair, Jodhpur, ), UTRAKHAND ( Haridwar, Rishikesh, Badrinath, Masoorie, Dehradun,), SHIMLA, MUMBAI, DELHI, VARANSI, AGRA, GOA (Bagha beach and Miramar beacg) , MYSURE, KRELA(Kovalam Beach), MADURAI.

    Let me know if You wanna explore Trekking In India too ,

  7. Hi there,
    I’m also planning to do the Annapurna Circuit in March 2018 (without guide or porter). I’d probably fly in to Kathmandu the 2nd of march and start the trek from Besisahar around the 3rd or 4th.

    I haven’t got a fix route yet, but I’d definitely like to stay/hike a bit longer than 2 weeks. I just love enjoying the views while resting for a day and as I’m not in a hurry I’d also love to do some side-treks if possible.

    I’m a passionate hiker, although not experienced in those heights, but I like the challenge! I also love taking photos and videos which makes me one of the ‘slower’ hikers. 😀

    Contact me if anyone is having similar plans!
    Looking forward to exchanging ideas 🙂


    • Hi Lara,
      I would also love to do the Annapurna Circuit in March – have most likely around 3 weeks to spend and am also not in a hurry and enjoy taking photos.

      I am Swedish and currently live in London and I haven’t planned anything specific around the trip yet but would love to find a partner(s) to share the experience with. Remain very flexible regarding logistics.

      I love to hike and have done a number of trips in the Nordics, Iceland and the Alps but am also not experienced with heights like these.

      Let me know if you would like to discuss some time!


    • Hi Lara!

      I’m arriving in Kathmandu on the 6th of February, and I’ve got a spot at a volunteer programme there for a couple of weeks. After this I would love to do one of the treks in the Annapurna region, preferably as you describe it: without guides, not in a hurry 🙂

      I’m from Sweden, and I’m too a passionate hiker, but without experience on higher altitude. I’ve spent some time in Austrian, Canadian and Norweigan mountains working, skiing and hiking and I’m really excited too see the Himalayas, and hopefully find a trekking buddy or two!

      I’d be great to hear about how your plans are progressing!


      (Also hej Bixi! Kul att se en svensk som har liknande planer!)

    • Hi Lara! I have quite similar plans and am also on the slower side of things with my ooh’s and aah’s and REC light blaring. If you’re still on these plans I’d love to tag along with you or your already found travel mates!
      I’ll be in Pokhara on the 2nd of March!

      A few things about myself:
      I’ve done my share of hiking but am a rookie to the higher altitudes. I’m from Finland. I left home two months ago to travel and Nepal will be my last encounter before heading back. I truly enjoy getting to Know people 🙂

  8. Hi Lara , I am Planning For Pin Parvati Trek On 5th JUNE 2018 ( pin valley -spiti valley- 5350m height , 100km trek ), Himachal Pradesh, India , Its one of the Best trek of India , with full of adventure, almost 11 days trekking or could be more . as you said you wanna hike more than 2 weeks this trek will be perfect for you , and we are also more like enjoying the trek not just covering it fast, even i love photography , so it would more of fun and adventure trek instead of hurrying and running to the destination
    we are now 4 member 2 from India 1 from Argentina and 1 from London.
    planing with least of cost just hirring 1 or 2 porter that will cost us around 2*9 dollar per day for all or you can say 5 dollar per day per person even less .
    For this trek travel agency cost around 390 to 470 dollar per person, so comparing to travel agency its really cheap ….right?
    its not more like luxuries trek , but adventurous and i am more intend to make it full of adventure and fun.

    About me- I’m a more of a solo traveller. I had traveled almost half of India that includes RAJASTHAN (Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaislmair, Jodhpur, ), UTRAKHAND ( Haridwar, Rishikesh, Badrinath, Masoorie, Dehradun,), SHIMLA, MUMBAI, DELHI, VARANSI, AGRA, GOA (Bagha beach and Miramar beach) , MYSURE, KRELA(Kovalam Beach), MADURAI.
    Let me know if you wanna join us

  9. Hi all,

    I arrive in Kathmandu 20th Feb from London and plan to spend 3 weeks trekking. This will be my first time trekking abroad and also solo. Looking to meet people who want to trek without a guide/Porter!

    As this is part of a longer trip and I’ll have little hiking gear and a large rucksack, I plan to either stock up on trekking gear in Kathmandu or I’ve been advised to head to Pokhara first to buy gear and store my main rucksack in a hostel so I have my stuff when I’ve finished the trek? What is everyone else doing?

  10. Hi All,

    I see that most of you are aiming for late Feb/ early Mar. However if your plans change I will be getting into Kathmandu the second week in March and am looking for a trekking partner/s to the the Annapurna circuit and maybe more!

    • Hi Siobhan!

      I’m also more planning on leaving around the 6th or 7th for the Annapurna circuit. May be it would fit with your plan?

      Let me know, I would be pleased to have a treeking partner as well!


    • Hi Siobhan and Laurence!
      Are you stil on the same plan? If so I’d love to tag along with you guys 🙂 I arrive in Pokhara on the 2nd of March and have been aiming to start the trek on the 5/6/7th so just let me know if I can join you guys!
      I’m not a powering through it kind a gal, like to take it easy and let everything soak in 🙂

  11. Hi all.

    One of my mates and I are planning on doing the Annapurna Circuit (hence why im here). We fly into Kathmandu on the 21st of Feb, are going to be spending one full day there, travelling to Pokhara, spending a full day there then starting the trek on approx the 25th-26th of Feb, starting at Besi Sahar.

    We aren’t wanting to use guides/porters, and would be interested if anyone would have us along or would want to tag along with us.


  12. Hi kaitlin and people!!!!
    I’m cris, I stay in Nepal now, I arrived in 17 of genuary. Now stay in Hetauda (Terai), I volunteer in a special school, it’s really nice experience!! I feel good fisic state, I practise triathlon and trekking when I can, I lovely sports! I want take this trek allone, without guide and porters, I think start in 2/3/4 of March. If you want come with me?? I’m friendly!!

    • Hey chris, I also want to do annapurna trekking with someone together in the next days. Maybe we could make a group together?

  13. hey everyone,
    I’m looking to do the AC also late feb-early march and would love to share some or all of the trek with others. I will get to Kathmandu Feb 11th and reckon I will do some shorter treks/wandering around maybe Langtang(?) til march checking things out. Drop me a line if you would like to connect and talk about trekking ideas/plans! peace!

  14. Hi all,

    I’m also walking the AC starting in late February…..without a guide or porter, I’m thinking.

    I’m in Pokhara now, but I’m leaving tomorrow to go for a wander for a few weeks. I’ll be in Pokhara the last week in Feb to stock up again and prepare for the AC. Anyone have a group I can join or want to form one?

  15. Hi everybody,

    I’m Daniel from Spain, I’m arriving to Katmandú on February 27th and wanted to begin the trecking on March 1st, I have most likely around 3 weeks to treck and I am not in a hurry, without guides and enjoying the circuit. I would like to begin in Besi Sahar. I’m an active and positive person that wants to enjoy the travel.

    Let me know if you would be interested in sharing this amazing trecking.



    • Hey i m in Pokhara now and I m also looking for trekking mates to do the annapurna circuit. I want to do the trekking for about 2 weeks starting in the next days and also without a guide.
      If anyone is planning to go for annapurna trekking in the next days, you can message me

  16. Hey everyone, I’m flying into Kathmandu on February 26th and would love to join a group to hike Annapurna Circuit. I’m flexible on dates as I have 1 and a half months in Nepal total.

    Ideally I would like to meet some of you in Kathmandu or Pokhara and hire a guide and porter as I think it’ll be nicer to have a local guide showing us around and learning about their culture. But i’m open and easy. Let me know if anyone’s wanting to meet up and what your plans are.

  17. Hey everyone,
    I guess I’m quite late to the party, but nevermind that.
    Have your plans gotten any more fleshed out by now?
    Sadly I’m not flexible at all with my dates as I have all my flights already booked.

    I’ll arive in KTM on the 21st of March and would be open to depart for the Annapurna Circuit 1-3 days afterwards. I’d love to meetup in KTM beforehand. I’d be planning for a 16-17 day trip as I have to be back in KTM on the 10th of april.

    For more details shoot me a message or check out my trip/profile

    Greetings Steffen

  18. Hi I’m currently in Pokhara looking to do a trek starting within the next 7 days or so, flexible about dates and times. Would much rather meet trek with someone rather than going solo or through a company. What are people’s plans?

  19. Hi I am currently in Pokhara. Looking to do a trek starting within the next 7 days or so, flexible about dates.
    Would much rather trek with other people rather than booking through a company.
    Is anyone departing for a trek soon that I could join?

    • Hey amy i m in pokhara now too and looking for trekking mates. Maybe we could build a group together?

  20. Hey everyone i m in pokhara now and I would like to do the annapurna trekking in the next days beginning of march for about 2 weeks without a guide.
    If anyone is planning to go the same time, please message me, I would be happy to find some trekking mates 🙂
    Best regards

    • Hi Jessica, I also just arrived in Pokhara. I would love to find some people to do the trek with. Do you want to maybe meet for coffee or lunch somewhere tomorrow to discuss plans?

    • Sure we can meet tomorrow somewhere 🙂 i just messaged you in your inbox. If you have whatsapp you can also directly contact me on this number: +4915255673769

  21. Hi Kaitlin and People !!
    I am a little confused because all the other replies are old but it is still posted for October 2nd. I am a trekking lover and have done a few alpine crossings now that I live in Switzerland. Originally I am from northern Germany (Kiel by the Baltic Sea). Are you still looking for a travel mate? I would love to do the AC independently but don’t want to head out all by myself. Let me know if your dates are still up to date. I am flexible with my dates since I haven’t booked my flights yet.

    • Hi Janne!
      I have already bought flights, arrive in KTM on Sept 29th and depart on Oct 27th. I want to go on Annapurna Circuit, no porter, no guide. If you are still flexible with your dates and interested, I can tell you more about my itinerary. I did the AC back in 2011.

  22. Hi Kaitlin and Janne
    I am interested in trekking first 3 weeks of October 2018, i need to meet my life partner in Katmandu Oct 23. Very keen walker and photographer, interested in Buddhist culture, flexible, easy going.
    All the best

  23. Hi Kaitlin! I am looking to do the full Annapurna circuit departing Kathmandu (getting bus to Besisahra) on Monday 1st October (roughly). I have allowed about 18 days to do it. Would love someone to trek with if those dates work for you!

  24. Hi Kaitlin, are you still looking to do this this fall? if so do you have any plans in the works?

  25. Hello everyone!
    I’m Sourabh from India. I am looking to do the full Annapurna circuit departing KTM on 2nd oct (my dates are flexible). Kindly let me know if anyone is interested.
    Thank you.

  26. Hi everyone,
    I am Matt from France..been living in Sydney for the past 12 years and need a break from the ocean a bit 😉
    Interested in doing the circuit around the 3rd or 4th of October..keen to join some people.
    Pm if interested


  27. Hey Kaitlin and everyone else. Kinda confused with the dates of everyone’s posts here, but I’m heading to Nepal at the beginning of October and have booked a 9 day ABC trek leaving from Pokhara on the 3rd October if anyone is interested? The company I have booked with is Outshine Adventure, they get really good reviews on Trip Advisor, Facebook etc. I’m 34 and from Australia, very easy going, fit & healthy but doing my first big hike so looking for other easy going travellers of the same calibre.

  28. Hi there!

    I will be arriving in Nepal at the end of September and plan on doing a 2-3 week trek. I am open to looking into other treks, but had the Annapurna Circuit in mind. I plan on starting on October 2nd or 3rd and will be in Pokhara ahead of time for some logistical planning!
    I am a 24 year old teacher and trip leader for teenagers from the United States. I have experience trekking and love being outdoors. I am looking for some travel partners, if you are interested! I would rather travel with someone or some people than trek it alone!

  29. Hi all,
    i will probably stay in the The Golden Buddha hostel in Kathmandu from okt 1st untill the 4th. If someone wants to meet to see if we can match or plans for the annapurna circuit we can meet there.