Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey trekkers,
Am flying into ktm on the 4th of jan and heading to pokhara from there. Will be in the area for a month or so… Am relaxed and pretty much a take it as it comes kinda guy. So if you are in the area and keen to linc up and plot an adventure? Give me a holla. Will happily travel solo however company is cool too. Thats all I have planned so far, so if you are traveling on a cheap budget and trying to embrace as much nepali culture and mountain views as possible, I think we will be friends 🙂 also hoping to spend some time in chitwan national park, then moving on to EBC trail during February ✌



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  1. Hey Nathan,
    We will be leaving Sydney on 13th Jan 2018 and treeking ABC on 18th Jan. I guess you will a week or two ahead of us.

    • Hi Ishu, that could work out,but yeah might be heading off a little earlier than that, not sure yet as I have no plans. Haha, anyways lets stay in touch. Would be good to trek with someone who speaks nepali thats for sure!

  2. Hey mate i will arrive nepal on the 2 or third.

    My Idea is to hike for 30 days or a little bit more. I have no plans as well.

    I am living in Sydney and working as an Abseiler.

    We can Start the trekks together and see how it go. But my idea is to leave kathmandu on the 6th or 7th and stay on the mountains until 09th of february

    • Hey bro, yeah sounds like we have the same kind of schedule except I am meant to be meeting someone on the 6th of feb to hike EBC so might bail earlier than you. But yeah for sure we can start together. Stay in touch ✌

  3. I sent you another message. Sorry brother.

    So I didn’t understand. When you start the trekking for EBC?

    My phone number is +61 0416 329 048. Call me so we can talk better, what do you think?