Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi! I’m going to be trekking the Annapurna circuit in late November. The start date is flexible because I’ll be staying with a friends family for some time when I first arrive but I’m looking to get started on the trek somewhere from November 20-23. I intend to do the trek without a guide but t I’d love company!
I’m a biologist and am currently working with fisheries on the west coast. I love plants, mushrooms, and nature and I’m easy to get along with, I love meeting new people and i am in moderate shape, although I live at sea level so the elevation will be a challenge. Let me know if you want to meet up! I’d even just appreciate advice if you have it.



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  1. Hi Brian – I’ve got similar plans, maybe start from Besi Sahar on 19th – going as lightweight as possible but I’ve got plenty of time. May go via Sirung to Syange. I trained as an ecologist, and currently do a bit of work with migratory fish, so lets at least look out for each other as we’d probably have things in common.

    • Jon good to hear from you! My start date is still uncertain but flexible but I am starting at the same place as you. I definitely hope our paths will cross. It sounds like we would get along! We should definitely keep in touch.

  2. Brian, Bri Guy, what’s up my man. I’m coming into Kathmandu from Greece, arriving on the 16th. I’d love to join up with you and get this train rolling on the 20th. My flight out is on Dec 12th so that’s the time window I’m working with.

    I was thinking it might not be a bad idea to take a bus and cut out the first few days of the hike and using the time saved to do the 3 day side hike around Tilicho Lake out of Manang. I hear it is a can’t miss and is good for altitude acclimation time before hitting the Thorong La Pass. Also I was taking with someone that was there in September and they said to take a bus from Jomsom down to Poon Hill and hike into the Hot Spings at Tadapani before ending obviously in Pokhara.

    This is my general plan, what are your thoughts?

  3. Hello Brian and others,
    I am a 25 year old girl from Germany and I am currently in Nepal doing some volunteering. We are building schools for children in earthquake affected areas. I would love to take a break and go on a trek. I have some experience with treks in Iceland and Chech Republic lately, sleeping in mountain huts it campsites. However, I have never done a trek alone and would love to join! Nov 23rd or even later would work better for me tough