Annapurna Circuit Trek


I’m arriving in Kathmandu around the 24th of Nov (flexible at the moment) and then heading off to the Annapurna Circuit Trek. Love to have some company, the more the merrier. I’ve walked a lot in Nepal before but haven’t done this trek. I have a guide that I normally use (although I can’t contact him atm!) but I’m flexible here. Come along!



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  1. Hey Reg,

    I’ll most likely be arriving in Kathmandu around the 25/26th of November, although I’m also pretty flexible with this. I’ll be heading out to the AC Trek not long after, and would definitely be interested in meeting others while out and about!

  2. Hi Lucas,
    Great to hear from you. Getting exciting isn’t it?!!
    I mentioned to Jessica (think you have spoken to her in the next post) that there is a chance I may have to postpone but so far it’s looking pretty good. I’ll let you guys know shortly, it’d be good to go as a group. Reg

  3. H Reg and Lucas,
    I have already replied to Jessicas post. Will arrive in Kathmandu on Nov 25th and am currently looking for a group to join, not yet decided which trek exactly.
    Would be great to meet you guys and share plans. Best, Ina