Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi everyone!

I’m Kenzo, 22 and I’m from Belgium. I’m a semi-experienced trekker, the past few years I’ve done treks in Norway, Scotland and Iceland. My physical condition is quite good, but I must admit I’m not the most muscular man in the world 🙂 Normally I spend my days in Belgium as camera operator for TV and doing photography and lots of running in my free time, but the plan is to escape all of that in Nepal!

I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu on the 13th of November, and plan on taking the bus to Besi Sahar or Bhulbule on the 15th. The plan is to trek to Jomsom and take a local bus or plane from there back to Pokhara / Kathmandu. My flight back to Belgium is on the 2 December, so that should give plenty of time to do the trek with a few sidetrips.

The itinerary (each city = stop for the night) I had in mind was;

Kathmandu > Bhulbule > Ghermu > Tal > Chame > Upper Pisang > Manang > Acclimatisation day > Letdar > Thorung Pedi > Muktinath > Jomsom.

Where possible I’d like to avoid the road and take the NATT trails.

The above is ofcourse not set in stone, I’m open for ideas! Are there people with more or less similar plans around?

Hope to see you in Nepal!




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  1. Hi Kenzo!
    I have similar plan as yours and I’m looking for company 🙂
    I will be in Kathmandu on 14 Nov and have a flight back on 4 Dec. I want to spend 12-15 days on trekking on Annpurna Circiut and use spare time before the floght back on sighteesing Kathmandu region (the details depends on time spent on the trekking).
    This year I was on Kilimanjaro and I used to trek a lot on Polish Tatra mountains, in my free time I practice bouldernig as well, but I would not call myself an advanced sportswoman 🙂 I would like to take my time to enjoy Nepal and Himalaya.
    Hope I can join you 🙂

    • Hi Aleksandra! That’s so great to hear! I was starting to worry that noone would be going in the same period… I’m so happy that you have the same plans! 🙂

      When were you planning on leaving to Besi Sahar/Bhulbule? I had it planned on the 15th, but since you’ll be there on the 14th, I assume you need an extra day to fix the permits and stuff? Or do you arrive early on the 14th? In any case, leaving Kathmandu on the 16th is also fine for me! 🙂

  2. Hi Kenzo and Aleksandra,
    I’m also looking for some people to walk the Annapurna Circuit with.
    Will walk Annapurna base camp trek 4-13 Nov and could join you around 16 Nov in Besi Sahar or Bhulbule.
    Let me know when you’re interested in having me along.

  3. Sounds good!
    I will be in Kathmandu on 14th in the afternoon, so taking one day on permits etc and leaving to trek on 16th would be perfect 🙂

    • Great!
      Let me know where to meet on 16 Nov.
      I’ll be coming from Pokhara

  4. Great! 🙂 How should we keep in touch? Facebook, whatsapp, … ?

    • I’ve just invited you on Facebook 🙂

  5. Hey guys! I’m also looking for some peope to trek the annapurna circuit with and play some cart games with in the cold evenings ;). I’m keen on starting the 16h. I’ll be arriving on the 13th in Kathmandu. Please send me a message if I can still join! Cheers!

    • Hi there Wenneke! Ofcourse you’re still welcome 🙂 Do you use facebook? Me and Aleksandra already talked about the plans/route over there, could bring you up to date! 🙂 You can find me by my full name ‘Kenzo Van Cotthem’, add me if you can!