Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi all!

I’m going to hike the Annapurna Circuit and Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) Trek. 25 days. Start Tues Oct 24 in Kathmandu and end Fri Nov 17, 2017 in Pokara.

I’ve have hired a guide to support the local economy & to glean insider/ local knowledge.

Looking for 1-3 awesome other world travelers to join me. Preferably women & men in their 30s.

Cost of guide: $30/day (split between number of people in our group)
(group max is 4)

Hiring a guide assistant/porter is also optional and they are $20/day.

My personal budget around $30/day.

Message me if interested!

From USA



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  1. Hi Josie,
    My name is Diana and I want to trek the Annapurna circuit and ABC as well. I arrive in Kathmandu on Oct 24 and fly out of Kathmandu on Nov 17. I am 36 year old and living in Hawaii. Seems like we have very similar plan and amount of time!!

    • Fantastic! How do we trade numbers without the whole world seeing? Lol. I’ve already been spammed.

  2. Hi Josie,

    My name is Fang, I really would like to join you if you are still looking for some partners. I’m already in Kathmandu now, I have same plan as yours, around 30 days for the whole trekking, I had done some trekking before in other countries (Laos, Alps, Tibet), very excited to see what I’m gonna have here in Nepal.

    My personal budget is around $25, flexible, I’m open to any suggestion 🙂

    A few words about me, I’m almost 30 n I live in Beijing, but most of time I’m traveling, I plan to spend 2 month in Nepal as after trekking I would like to try the drifting camp n meditation course, just so many things to do here!

    Pls message me if you are interested, thx

  3. Hi Josie,

    We (Irish Canadian couple) are hoping to start AC same day, although maybe aiming for a little bit faster.

    Wonder if you’d be interested in sharing vehicle from KTM?