Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey! I am a 26 year old male looking for an easygoing trekkingpartner(s) on the Annapurna Circuit. I am a reasonably experienced trekker (Swiss Alps, Appalachian Trail, Colorado, etc) but would love company for this high altitude trek.

I plan to start the trek in Mid-October (any day after October 13). My plan is to hike the full circuit loop on New NATT trails (avoiding the road). Aside from that, I am extremely flexible on dates & planning 🙂

Looking forward to this epic adventure 🗻🗻🗻



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  1. Hi Jonah.

    I am a Canadian, solo female traveler, 36 yrs, in decent shape and wanting to do the Annapurna circuit, or most of it. I arrive in Kathmandu Oct 12 afternoon, so I plan to catch a bus Oct 14 early morning to Besi sahar or Bhulebule. I need to be back in Kathmandu Oct 31. I might end my trek in Jomsom, depends on my pace.

    I did Gokyo Ri in Everest Region in 2014 as a 28 day trek from Shivalaya, and it was amazing. Did that with a porter/guide bc it was my first time, but I think with a group of a few people, we could figure it out without a guide. Also open to splitting cost of a guide if we want the security for the high altitude pass.

    I’m pretty low key, and might even want to change up my pace for a bit of solo time, but as a smart, female traveler, I know it’s best to know a few other folks heading out at the start.

  2. Hey Jonah,

    Im khloe from aus and have been travelling around then living in Cambodia for the past 8 months. I’m coming through Kathmandu 12th-26th and am glad I found this website and your post as I was a bit worried about leaving it to fate to find hikers with similar plans to mine.

    I plan to leave KTM morning of the 13th and then get back for the 25th so would you be interested in trying to do the circuit in 12days?
    Bit quick I know but I have a good level of fitness and have done a few hikes in my time grAnted they weren’t this long!

    Let me know what you think and where you’d like to meet 🙂

  3. Hey Jonah and co,

    I’m arriving in KTM on the 10th and am a 23 yo Aussie. I’m in good shape without having done any proper mountain hikes before but I’m keen for the challenge!

    I’m very flexible on any of the trek details, just looking for a good bunch of people to experience the mountains with.

    Let me know if it’s possible for me to join,

    Cheers, Jules.