Annapurna Circuit Trek

**Updated on 4/17**

After spending some time on this site I’ve found 2 (possibly 3) others who would like to travel the Annapurna Circuit. While our plans are not set in stone, we are currently planning to start walking from Besisahar on the 27th. One of our group has to be in Jomsom by the 10th. As such, we will likely walk the normal circuit without any major detours till we hit Jomsom. However, I have a guidebook on alternative trails that avoid the road and we will likely make every attempt to see the beauty of the valley so long as it doesn’t add several hours/meters to our walk.

Currently, our group consists of myself, a man from New Zealand and a woman from Canada. We are all fit, but don’t plan to walk with any real haste. I personally plan to walk for about 21-25 days, stopping by Annapurna basecamp if I have the time. But beyond the date for Jomsom we are pretty laid back and open to exploration.

**Tentative plan for the first half (i.e. will change as we’re on the road)**
Day 1: Besisahar to Bhulbhule
Day 2: Bhulbhule to Germu
Day 3: Germu to Tal
Day 4: Tal to Temang
Day 5: Chame to Gyaru
Day 6: Gyaru to Braka
Day 7: Acclimatization Day
Day 8: Easy walk to Manang
Day 9: Manang to Churi Ledar
Day 10: Churi Ledar to Thorong Phedi
Day 11: Thorong to Muktinath
Day 12: Muktinath to Kagbeni
Day 13: Kagbeni to Jomsom



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  1. Check ou my post on Tsum valley, our dates kind of match. I feel that annapurna is too crowded and decided not to do it now.
    The Tsum region is different in terms of culture.

    Its for 19 days and I am flying out on the 15th of May.
    Costs can be cut down further as ive considered upper limits in my post.

  2. Hey Tyler,
    I’m also pretty keen to do the Annapurna Circuit as well, with a similar timeframe / budget as you. I’m a solo traveler and haven’t done any trekking but (moderately) fit. I aim to arrive in KTM around the 25/4 and am only sketching out the plans now. I’m mainly just looking for some decent company on the road and someone to split the odd cost with, let me know if that sounds good.

    Khoi from oz

    • Sorry to get back to you so late. SE Asia has kept me crazy busy, but I should be on a beach for most of next week with nothing to do but relax and read up on the circuit. Like you, I’m mainly on this site to find some good company, especially in the evenings after all that waking. So let me know how your plans are coming together. I’m totally down for walking together.

  3. Hey man,

    Looks like a good plan. May be a bit late for me, but I might hit you up in April!


  4. Hi Tyler,

    I am also arriving in KTH on the 24th. I was looking to do a part of the annapurna circuit between then an the 10/11 of May as I need to be either in Pokhara or Jomso then to start a Mustang trek. If you are interested we could do part of the annapurna to jomsom. Cheers, Pam

    • The more the merrier, in my book. Have you decided what day you wanted to leave? I still haven’t had a chance to spend too much time planning out my route, but I figured it’d take a day or two to work out permits and what not. So I figured leaving that Sunday or Monday made the most sense. Is there anywhere in particular you wanted to spend an extra day at along the way?

  5. Recently Friend of mine told me about this website. and here i am .. I think, i got my partners for AC trek

    Hey Tyler,

    Am planning to be in Kathmandu on 27th of april and spend two days there for my Trek preparation then go to Besisahar to start my trek .However, if you guys planning to start the trek on 27th so I have to be in Kathmandu on 25th at least . In this case i have to tell my boss to make me free early 🙁 ..

    Please let me know if you want me to join your trip so i have to do my own arrangement to meet you on 27th in besisahar

    Cheers 😉

  6. Hey!

    I’ll be flying into Kathmandu on the night of the 25th of April and I’ll be down to do the annapurna circuit. I’m pretty flexible on routes or times required for the trek

    I am by no means fit, but I should be able to keep up with a moderate pace.

    I am a solo traveler and I would love some awesome company during this trek!


  7. Hi Tyler,

    I am also planning on doing the Annapurna Circuit at this time. Perhaps we can meet up and do some trekking together. I am moderately fit and spent last summer doing marathons (although been slightly lazy the last few months with University). Anyways, I am planning on leaving Kathmandu on April 27th, so perhaps I will see you on the trial. I would also like to have some people to chat with in the evenings and potentially trek together.

    • Sounds good, man. Keep an eye out for us on the trail, we’ll be the group of 4 travelling together. If nothing else we can grab some well earned drinks together along the way.

  8. Hi Tyler, your plan sounds very similar to what Id like to do. I am very interested in joining. Let me know. I could meet in KTM these next couple days to discuss details.