Annapurna Circuit Trek

Good day every one!! Im Japanese living in Australia for long.
Im arriving at Kathmandu on 26th Oct and flying out on 12th Nov.

My plan is no plan. just let my feet do the lead and follow my instinct, sniff around and go anywhere smells delicious.
I think Im easy going but some of my friend tell me “you are not just easy going, you don’t give a f**k as long as you don’t die”

Anyway let me know if you wanna tag along or just say “good day” when you see me along the way.
It would be awesome if I can make many friends from all over the world on top of Annapurna trekking experience!!!



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  1. Hi Koji,
    follow the best smell sounds like a good plan to me. Let the plan follow your feet and not reverse. But I don’t know if your concept is a little bit too much freestyle for me.
    If you want, let’s meet in Kathmandu and see if there what’s up?
    Bye and see you, Till

  2. hahaha I like your point of view, you look like a good boy.

    I want to do it on 10 of november (because I dont arrive before) So if you wanna enjoy it with me, get in touch!

  3. Sorry for late reply I just realied that you guys dropped message.

    Till, too freestyle?? hahaha you are right!! I have rough idea but just couldn’t be bothered to write it down. well plan is doing circuit and base camp in 2weeks including Tilicho lake and poon hill side track it means I need to use fair bit of bus and jeep to cut down time and to avoid walking dusty track that jeeps are passing through.

    Carmen, you are arriving 10th….
    I can’t join you unfortunately coz Im flying back to AUS on 12th.
    Happy trekking and be safe, mate!!

  4. Hi Koji,
    there is a lake with kind of my name, Tilicho Lake? I guess, I have to go there too!
    Now, it looks like a though plan you have, hehe. But I can not really judge it from here. My plan was to get more informed about Nepal and the ACT before my travel. But no time!
    I will arrive the 21 of October and spend some days in Kathmandu and sourroundings, get informed And then do the ATC.
    So, what do we do? It sounds good to me to stay in contact and see where we can meet on the trek?
    Greets from Berlin!

  5. Yes! your lake!! looks awesome spot! and its good side trail to acclimatise before we attack Thorung La Pass.
    Anyway keep in touch and meet up somewhere on the way!! I think you can easily start trekking before I get to Kathmandu, Im arriving on 26th then get my permit sorted then hopefully off to besisahar next day. so you just take your time, nice and slow then I will catch up