Annapurna Circuit Trek

I will be arriving in Kathmandu on the 10th and will poke around for a day or two before heading off for the Annapurna Circuit . I am a strong solo person but I think it would be even better to have company on this epic journey. I plan on giving myself around 20-25 days to do side trips along the hike .



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  1. Just posted it in another trip but just so you see it. :

    Hello fellow adventurers,
    I will arrive in Kathmandu on the 7th of October and intend to do the whole Annapurna Circuit in about 20 – 25 days (Teehouse) including taking days off for side trips ( Monasteries, Temples and whatever incredible) and maybe a rest day to get acclimatized to the altitude. I would like to get started around the 12th to have some time for Kathmandu and surroundings. Who ever wants to to some sites together contact me. I am 21 years old (male) , from the Alps in Bavaria ( Germany) and just created this account that’s why there isn’t a picture yet.
    I am extroverted and a fairly sensitive person. I enjoy reading ( Philosophy), sports and very deep conversation. I would say I am capable of medium pace on longer distances and fast on short. I am happy to slow down though. I intend to stay in Nepal till mid December, so I am not in a rush. I am looking for 2 people or more for safety reasons and cool experiences.
    If anyone is interested I would like to Skype to check if we click as humans.
    Hope you all find trekking buddies!

  2. Hi Daniel, I arrive in kathmadue on Oct 6th. I am also looking for partners to trek the circuit. Let me know if are interested.


  3. Hey buddy guide from Nepal, shoot me a message for fair prices.

  4. Hey Devin,

    I’m arriving in KTM on the 10th and am a 23 yo Aussie. I’m in good shape without having done any proper mountain hikes before but I’m keen for the challenge!

    I’m very flexible on any of the trek details, just looking for a good bunch of people to experience the mountains with.

    Let me know if it’s possible for me to join,

    Cheers, Jules.