Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hello! I am looking for like-minded travelers/backpackers to hike the Annapurna circuit independently. I would say I’m an experienced hiker, I’ve travelled beautiful parts of the world (mostly south america) for the past year. I am planning to do a trek in Nepal from mid-November, finishing in early December. Annapurna seems ideal but I’m open to any interesting alternatives. Im on a budget ($15-20/day) and this is the last adventure before I comeback home – independent trekking whilst staying at teahouses. If this sounds good to you, then hit me up and we can make this happen. Jacob

Czech Republic


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  1. Hi my name is lina and i am from sweden and i am also thinking of doing the annapurna circuit in mid november and am searching for trekkingpartners. My plan is to arrive in katmandu with plain. Spend a dat or two to get the permit, maps etc that will be necesary and then take the bus to the beginning of the trek. I have never done such a long trek and in such high altitude but i have done other treks and i run quit a bit in my dayly life so i hope i can have a more or less “fast” speed. Have you decided to start your trek the 17 of november or are you flexibel? Have you find any trekkingpartner yet?

  2. Hey fellow trekkers! Im heading Nepal on November 7th. Gonna spend some time (around a week or so) in a volunteer job that i applied. Then im planning on visit some cities like Katmandu, Bhaktapur and Pokhara. Thinking on start Annapurna Circuit around 18 or 19th November. Does it fit on your schedule?!

  3. Hey trekking partners!!I’m arriving Nepal on November 16th. I am planning to travel to Besisahar to start the Annapurna Circuit on November 18th, so I think it really fits on your schedule. I would really like to share this adventure with some trekking partners. Let me know about your plans.

  4. Hi fellows! Awesome to hear more people are planning to trek the annapurne circuit in the end of November! My name is Wenneke and I’ll be in kathmandu the 14th of November, planning to stay a month in nepal. I’m also looking for trekking partners to hike the annapurna circuit with and play a card game with in the dark cold night 😉 Are you still planning to go? Hope to hear from you all!

  5. Hi Wenneke!

    Yes, I still planning to go. I will arrive in kathmandu 16th of November

  6. Hi guys!

    I am also looking to walk the Annapurna around mid-Nov and would love some company. I will arrive around the 14th to Kathmandu to sort out permit, rent some gear etc and then head to Pokhara for the hike, I suppose around the 16-17th.

    I am quite used to hiking but not on these high latitudes so this will be interesting 😉

    Need to be back in Kathmandu around the 6-7th of December to catch a flight to Thailand unfortunately.

    Hope to hear from you!

    Mikael 🙂

  7. Sounds good! Did you already made a facebook group or something similar?

  8. Greetings, all! I will also be in the area (KTM/Pokhara) for about a month (until early December), starting in a few days. Flexible and open to quite a few options after staying in Thamel. Would be great to meet up along the way or explore / trek together.

    Best, Joshua

    • Are you interested in doing the abc sanctuary trek?

  9. Hi all, I’m flying into Kathmandu on 16th, then will probably head to Besisahar on 19th for the AC. I’m happy enough walking on my own but it would be good to have some company too (and definitely on Thorung La). Also I’m interested in the little travelled route via Sirung for the first couple of days if anyone is interested in getting off the beaten track? Not sure if the rest of you are talking to each other yet – could always arrange a meet up in KTM on say 17th to chat about plans? Jon

  10. Hey guys,
    Good to hear so many of you are planning to go! My plan is still to set out around the 17-18th from Pokhara. I will be in Pokhara on the 16th evening already so we could try to meet up? Sorry for the last minute reply, I didn’t see your posts until now…