Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hello – I’m 27, f from Canda. I’m looking for one or a few like-minded, easy-going partners for this trek!

I’m arriving in Kathmandu on October 3rd and I am flexible on when to leave for the ACT after that — I’d like to hire a guide and do the full trek along with side treks (at least Tilicho Lake).

Ideally it would be nice to meet, get a beer and chat before committing to heading out together as we will be spending quite a bit of time together… but send me a message if you think it might be a good fit either way.



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  1. Hi Kirsten-

    I am currently in Nepal and am looking to leave for ACT beginning of October. My schedule is flexible! I’d like to add the Pisang climb into the trek (towards beginniing) if you are interested in climbing peaks- that will definitely require a guide $

    Let me know what you think!


  2. Hi all, I just returned from ABC so if you want to trek cheapest and the best, just shoot an email to me. I will provide you with the best guide at affordable prices.

  3. Hi Kirsten
    I will be flying in to Kathmandu the 29th of Sept. then going to Pokhara after a couple days. I am planning to spend the month of October trekking with easy going people in Annapurna. Be in touch if you would like to meet and have a beer in Pokhara.

  4. Hey Kirsten, I’m in Nepal for three months and currently volunteering at an orphanage outside Kathmandu but back to the city around 29th September and was going to head over to Pokhara and do the ACT some time early October. Dates and duration are flexible as don’t fly home until mid December.

    Would be great to meet, chat and decide if we’re compatible trekking buddies 🙂

    Did Everest Base Camp a few years ago so I’ve got some experience but will take a guide and porter.

  5. Hi Kirsten,
    We are planning to start the trek on 6th October as well. Me and my partner are originally from Nepal so know the language well but not very familiar with ABC trek. You are welcome to join with us for the trek, if you want to save money on guide however This is our first trek so if we find it too hard we may return from half way ;). Let us know if you are interested, We will arrive at pokhara on 5th October.

  6. Hi Kirsten;
    Interested in joining although I will arrive in Kathmandu the 5th (not sure whether that’s too late for you guys). Would like to discuss the length upfront as well as I would like to keep it at 20 days max. Further I am into adventures and have no specific limitations. Let me know!

  7. Hey Kirsten! I would be happy to join you for the trek if you have an opening! My schedule is very flexible and I’m looking to do Tilicho Lake as well!
    I’m in Kathmandu already so if you would like to meet up and discuss it let me know!