Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey people,

After some period of volunteering, I will be in for a great trekking trip around the Annapurna Circuit (or other treks in Annapurna). I am planning to start hiking from 24-25-26 August for around 12-13-14 days. I’ll be staying in Pokhara before, so it would be great to meet up.

I am physically fit and have some hiking experience from the time I was in Norway. However, I’d like to share a guide and walk in group of around 2-5 people. If you’re interested in joining me at the end of August, feel free to comment 🙂





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  1. hey justin,
    i d love to travel to Nepal this September and hike the Annapurna Circuit. I didnt book my flight yet so im quite flexible with the dates.
    i guess the soonest i could make it to Nepal would be end of August/beginning of September.
    Have you got any plans yet?
    would love to make it work,

  2. Eyyy Justin hello! Hope to still be on time to know a little bit more about the plan.. I am in Ktm,, and want to do all the circuit round, probably.starting in Besisaharand finishng in Pokhara… have the same budget as you and time [ i`m leaving the 15th from ktm] I plan to go with a guide
    Soooo, if you want toshare some kilometers and nature, me 🙂

    • Hey Oli – I am arriving in ktm on Saturday night (26th) and I was planning on starting on Monday (28th). I am leaving the day after you 16th Sept. If you are still looking for Trekking partners – let me know!

    • Hi Oli,

      Yes! That would be great. I have the same plan, hiring a guide and starting in Besi Sahar. Would love to pair up!

  3. Hey Justin, are you able to wait a couple more days until the 28th to start?