Annapurna Circuit Trek

My flight is booked!
I’m traveling from Honolulu to Kathmandu and arriving on April 16th. I’d like to do the full Circut Trek. I will be traveling for a month and a half so I’m happy to take my time and enjoy the view.
Departure dates for the Circut are pretty flexible. I’m hoping to travel with folks who have a similar agenda.



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  1. Hello,
    I arrive in Nepal on April 9th and am also looking for a trekking partner to do the Circuit with. I also would like to take my time with this hike. I will be volunteering in Nepal after this trek and have a fairly flexible time frame.

    • P.s. I live in northern California, teach Pilates, and dance, have a dog, like to garden. What about you?

  2. Hi Lauren, I arrive in Kathmandu on 10th April and would love to do the circuit. I’m 22 and from the UK, also a female solo traveller 🙂

  3. Hey Lauren, Shari and Steph… Im also arriving in Kathmandu from New Zealand on the 16th of April. I would love to meet some like minded people to enjoy the trek with and keep each other safe. I have 30 days so am very happy to take my time but who knows… I may stay longer 🙂

    I am a nurse, also love dogs, yoga, surfing, snowboarding and of course travelling 🙂

  4. Hi all,
    I’ve just been trekking in Gokyo and to Everest Base Camp and am keen to do the Annapurna Circuit. I’m in Pokhara at the moment and wouldn’t mind leaving in a week or so… Interested?
    I’m 29, Australian, solo traveller, enjoy yoga, reading and witty banter.

  5. Hey Lauren,

    I am currently in pokhara and looking to take off for the Annapurna in the next couple days. I’m 25, solo traveler from the states,(originally Vermont but most recently San Diego). I’ll be doing some research and staying in guest houses the next couple days, hit me up if your still looking for people to travel with!