Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi there. I’m planning on starting the Annapurna circuit around October 8th. I haven’t decided whether to go alone or with a guide or a package. I’m leaning towards going by myself, but I would be willing to join up with others who are thinking of doing the same trek, and would consider a guide as well if the others wanted to hire one.



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  1. Hi john,
    I would like to do it alone or with 1/2max travel partner because it is dangerous and not recommended to start that kind of hike alone. I am planning to start it at the beginning of October too. I am doing a long travel around the world, stay 2 months in Nepal (20August-end October). I am good at hiking but I never did such a long hike, nevertheless, I wanted to do it as a pillgrim..with at minimum money as possible. I don’t know why you want to do it, but if at least you want to start with me, let me know

  2. Hey John, already purchased my ticket. Could start trekking Oct 9th. Im there until Oct 31st so very flexible. I’m from Canada. 52yr old.

  3. Hello Sirs, I am a guide from Nepal, trekking without a guide is just a foolish commitment. Lots of people have lost their lives due to altitude sickness previously, so trekking with guide is very helpful. Please message me for the prices. I would help you trek safer and the cheapest, of course you will enjoy my company. We can make a small group. Thanks

  4. Hi John, there are two of people 8n our group so far. Me from Canada, and a local guy. If you would like to join us let me know. We plan to leave on the 9 th.