Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi everyone

My name is Doris. I’m 27 years old and I live in Switzerland. I love hiking and I’ve already done some bigger treks (however never for 20 days).

I’ll fly into Kathmandu on September 11 and would like to start trekking around September 15 to avoid the crowds. I’m pretty flexible though. It also depends on the weather since it’s still monsoon time then.

I will be in Nepal for about 2 months, so I’m not on a tight time schedule. I also prefer doing some detours if it’s worth it instead of trying to finish the trek in the shortest amount of time possible.
I want to do the trek individually, but not on my own.
I will probably start in Bhulubule and hike up to Manang. There I want to spend a few days for acclimatization. I totally want to hike to Tilicho lake and then go back to the regular trail and hike up to Thorung La. I haven’t decided yet where to finish the trek. However I’m tempted to add the Annapurna base camp trek.

I’m looking for some easygoing people who’d like to join me on the trek.

I’m looking forward to your replies 🙂




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  1. Hi Doris,
    I’m Jakir from Pondicherry, India. I will be reaching Nepal by end of this month (august) for my personal work. Also I’m planning for Annapurna circuit trek. Initially I planned to go with trek organizer’s but mostly they are not including Tilicho Lake in their itinerary. So now I’m planning for independent trekking and looking for a trekking partner. I’m flexible with dates since I’m staying more than a month in Nepal.

    I’m not a pro trekker, happy to finish trek in moderate speed. I’m happy to join you on the trek

  2. Hi Jakir

    Thanks for your reply.
    That sounds pretty good. Do you already know where you’ll finish your trek?

    • Yes, I’m planning to finish my trek at Jomsom. From Jomsom I will take bus to reach back pokhara

  3. Hi Doris! I am thinking of doing the anna purna circuit around that time too! I get into kathmandu on the 15, so maybe a day or two later? I would love a hiking buddy 🙂

    • Hi Catlyn
      Sounds good so far. How much time do you have to do the hike?

    • *Caitlyn

  4. Hi Doris,

    I’m 32, British and also looking to do the Annapurna Circuit. (I was planning to do Makalu base camp, but this seems less popular than the circuit!). I’m arriving on the 12th and would also be keen to do a couple of side trails as well.

    Let me know if you’re still keen.


    • Hi Matt
      I’ve sent you an email 🙂

  5. Hi Doris,

    I have from September 15 until October 10

  6. Hi there,
    Im 31 from Poland and I`ll be in Kathmandu on 17.09 and wanted to start ACT just as I`ll get permits and so on – probably 19th.
    I`d be happy to have Your company if You don`t mind one more trekking Pole with You 🙂 but You might be already gone when I`ll get there. Anyways maybe I`d catch up or we`d be able to do a part of trek together.


  7. Hi Doris

    I’m Caroline 35 from London and would love to join you on trip. I touch down In Kathmandu on the 12th and also thinking of starting around the 15th. I definitely want to visit ice lake and maybe couple villages. Have 2 to 3 weeks so prob won’t join in at end base camp but love to join beginning.

    Do RSVP

  8. Hello everybody!
    I am kevin, 25 years old from France, I also would like to do the Annapurna circuit! For the date I have no deadline! I am currently in Nepal so if needed I van already collect information for you

    • Hi Kevin

      Where in Nepal are you right now? I will touch down in Kathmandu on the 11th and thought about going to Pokhara on the 13th and probably stay there for a few days before the trek. Maybe we can meet and and have coffee together and chat about the trek somewhere in Nepal 🙂


  9. Hi Kevin and all
    That sounds great. I will email when arrive in Kathmandu. I wouldnt start before the 15th as fly in on 12tg evening and need to rest and orientate. Where in Nepal are you based? I was thinking of heading to Pokhara? Also would you or anyone be interested in getting a guide as a group?
    Best wishes

  10. Hi Doris!

    I’m 24, Dutch and also planning to trek the AC. Will arrive in Kathmandu tomorrow, planning to stay there for a night or 2 before heading to Pokhara. Don’t want to rush either, however I do fly out of Kathmandu again the 8th of October :-). Would that sort of fit your schedule? Would you be interested to meet up for a chai in the coming days?


    • Hi Mirrin,

      Zoek je nog gezelschap? Ik heb namelijk ook plannen om de AC circuit te doen.

      Ben je al in Pokhara? Dan kunnen wij eventueel ontmoeten om iets te organiseren voor de AC.


  11. Hello! Dear all,

    I have similar plans! Anybody up for meeting 17th or 18th in Kahtmandu to discuss plans?