Annapurna Circuit Trek

I’m looking for a trekking buddy or two to hike the Annapurna Circuit this April. I arrive to KTM late March but will be with friend until April 1. Also, I leave Nepal on April 26 so I’ll need to be done with the trek by then. (Within that time frame, I’m flexible on departure date and length of trek.)

I’m reasonably fit, but I’m a little nervous of getting altitude sickness, so taking time to acclimatize as needed is important to me. I’d prefer to go without a guide or porter but could maybe be talked into a guide.

I’ve been traveling solo for about 7 months now, and my favorite part of travel is the people I meet! Would love to connect with you if this trek fits what you’re looking to do!



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  1. Hi Kat, our dates seem to match up all right. I’ll be in Nepal as of the 30th, but am spending a couple days in Bhaktapur before meeting friends in KTM on the 1st. From there, we’re heading to Pokhara on the 2nd. They’re unable time-wise to do the circuit with me, unfortunately, so I’m definitely interested in linking up with you.

    Assuming it’ll only take me a day or so to get the permits and whatever remaining gear I need, maybe we can set out on the 3rd.

    What do you think?

  2. Hi Kat & Tom,

    Also interested in joining if you are still looking for a companion.

    Regarding departure dates early April is good for me. I’m here in Nepal working/internship in a hospital at the moment however I’m flying home on the 27th of April.


    • Works for me, Ashleah. Though I’m still waiting for confirmation from Kat before I officially “join this trip.”

  3. Hi Tom,

    Not really sure how to use this website, hence joining the trip un-invited and no profile picture. However good to hear back from you. When do you arrive in Nepal??



    • Yeah, no worries, I’m new to the whole trekking buddy thing myself.

      I’m in India now, and will arrive back to Nepal on the 30th. Meeting my friends in KTM on the 1st, then heading to Pokhara with them. Or at least that’s the intent at present. (They only have time to do a three-day trek to Poon Hill, so plan-wise they and I don’t have much of a plan.)

      Where in Nepal are you based? And are you planning to complete the entire circuit, or only to Jomsom? A friend of mine said that most people don’t go beyond Jomsom, because from there onward the trail is a dusty dirt road. I’m undecided myself on the matter, so don’t look to me for any help 😉

  4. Tom and Ashleah,

    SOOOO sorry I haven’t replied on here yet! I’ve been traveling in India and not very consistent in working on plans for my time in Nepal!

    Anyways, not sure if you’re still committed to this time frame or have ditched me and made your own plans? 🙂 (totally understandable if that’s the case!)

    I have met another person here in India who has the same timeline for trekking the Annapurna, so if you all are up for a group of 4, we can make more definite plans? Or if you all have already got plans in place, that’s cool too. Just wanted to connect with you all!

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    • Hey Kat,

      Good to finally hear from you. You wrote that you were currently traveling, so I figured you were at least quasi off-the-grid.

      Ashleah and I have been moving forward with a more definite plan, but we’re also still interested in linking up with another partner or two. As of now, we’re figuring to depart on 2 April, so our schedules still match up, assuming your timeline hasn’t changed.

      We’re hiking till at least Jomsom, and from there are thinking of cycling down.

      I’m actually in India now, too. Was in Rishikesh the last two weeks, and today arrived to Agra. I’ll be in country till 30 March, and from now till then will visit: Varanasi, Bodhgaya, and Kolkata. If you’re around, let me know!


    • Hi Kat,

      Good to hear from you.

      As Tom mentioned think the timeline is still pretty similar, only change being the biking from Jomsom to Pokhara.

      We were thinking a guide might be good. Outside of that no definite plans.



  5. Thanks for the quick replies!!

    And Tom–I was just in Rishikesh as well! And I just arrived to Varanasi this morning. Maybe we can meet up while here to talk details and see if our plans still work out? I’m here until Saturday afternoon.

  6. Thanks for the quick replies!!

    And Tom– I was just in Rishikesh, too! I bet our times there overlapped a bit. I just got into Varanasi this morning. Maybe we can meet up here and talk details?

    • Sure. 🙂 I arrive to Varanasi Friday morning, so let’s do lunch, or dinner. Whichever works best. I don’t have an Indian sim, so perhaps email is best.

      Message me and we’ll figure it out from there. I’m staying at a place called Banaras Paying Guest House. See if you can find it on Gmaps, and let me know if we’re staying near one another.


  7. Hi Kat, I don’t know if your group is already full or not? I will arrive in Kathmandu on the 1st of April and wanted to leave for Besi Sahar on the 3rd. My idea was eventually to bus / jeep until Jagat or Chamje as it looks like the first section of the trek is not so nice any more because of the new road. This would also give time for some side trips in more unspoiled areas. I have to be back in Kathmandu on the 22nd of April and was interested to proceed from Jomson to Ghorepani via Poonhill. Apparently there exist now some beautyful new trails completly avoiding the road.
    I am reasonably fit but rather slow in speed and would also like to don’t rush because of acclimatization.
    If your programme fits and there is still sone place in your group please let me know. Greetings Charlotte