Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi all!

I will be arriving at KTM on November 1st and want to trek the Annapurna Circuit, but since I’m traveling alone, I would love to find some people to trek with. I don’t have an exact date, I can be a bit flexible, but I have to be back to KTM on November 23th.

I am 30 years old, originally from Peru, but currently living in Tel Aviv, Israel. I don’t have much trekking experience, but I figure I should be fine as long as I don’t rush to much 🙂

I’d like to keep costs low, so I don’t think it’s necessary to hire a guide, though a porter might be a good idea.

If anyone plans on doing the AC by that time (early November) I’d love to hear from you and see if we can match as trekking partners 🙂



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  1. Hi Luisa,
    I´d like to spent maybe 20 days in november 2017 in Nepal. My idea is go ACT. But i´m alone too and i´d like to find some trekking partners 🙂 I am 30, male, from Czech Republic 🙂

    • Cool 🙂 Let’s speak in contact to see if we can match our dates

  2. Hi Luisa.
    I arrive 2nd Nov and fly back to London on the 23rd.

    I recently did the ABC trek with my partner and I am returning to do the AC trek although will consider others. I plan to trek independently but do know a couple of guides in KTM.

    I am 48 and an experienced trekker.


    • Hi David! I already spoke with Dalibor (comment above) and I think he also wants to join.

      I think that the merrier the better, isn’t it?

      Your dates are great for me 🙂 But for disclosure, I do not have much experience in trekking (specially in high altitudes), but for sure I’d love to share the trek with someone more experienced !

      How many days do you think you will be on the trek?

  3. Hi guys, i appologize but i´ve totaly changed my ideas. Finaly i´ll go EBC with 3 passes…:-) Well, i canťt go with you. I hope, I´ll make no troubles to you. Life is change:-)

    • Hey Dalibor, yeah, no problem, plans always change 🙂 Good luck!

  4. Hi Luisa.

    I am at work during the day so will PM you this evening.



  5. Hi Luisa, are you still looking for trekking partner?
    I am planning to trek the AC at exactly the same time as you, because my yoga school in Pokhara ends on 3rd November. I will gladly join you because I also don´t want to do it alone 🙂

  6. Hi Luisa and others,

    I’m also arriving in KTM on 3rd Nov and currently traveling alone. A start on 4th should be possible for me if all goes well (Permits…) As I also like company it would be nice to team up with you 🙂

    My time shedule to the end is a bit more flexible as my flight back is on 29th – so I also think about an extra route to Annapurna base camp and visiting some places – but here it’s all open

    kindly regards thomas

    • Hi Thomas,
      sounds good that you also want to join 😉 I also don´t need to hurry up, I plan to flight from KTM to Kuala Lumpur on 26th November. But instead ABC, I want to do some side treks in AC (Tilicho lake). And if there is still time after AC trek, I want to visit Chitwan NP for 3-4 days.
      I would also prefer to start from Syange to skip the boring part of the road from Besisahar or Bhulbhule in the beginning.
      But those are just my suggestions, I am also open to other opinions and plans 😉

    • Your plan with Tilicho lake and Chitwan NP also sounds great 😉

    • Hi Thomas. I just posted below that I would be lucky to join the group. I’ll arrive on the 3rd of November in KTM just like you. Planned arrival time is 11:30 am. What about you? Do you think you will get the permits the same day?

  7. Hi guys! I didn’t enter the site in a long time and I see your comments only now! I had spoken with Latina (in This forum too) and I think she is up for it, and I think that the merrier the better! I do have to be back at KTM on 23 or 24 because in the 26th I start a volunteer program in Nepal , so need some time to arrange… let me know what you think, would be great to fit my plans with you guys!

    • Hi Luisa, nice to see that you are still interested in AC trek. Your dates fit me perfectly, I want to be back in Kathmandu on 24th (can be also 23th) in order to have some time to enjoy the city also before I leave on 26th 😉
      I think we can adjust the plan easily also later, I am open to any ideas 😉

  8. Ps, if it’s easier, we can have a group chat by e-mail:

  9. Hi guys! I feel so good to read all the messages and to know that most of the people are traveling alone and looking to fellow travelers. Even I am traveling alone to Annapurna Base Camp in November only. It would be great if I could also fit in the plan. I am open to wander to new places and flexible with the dates. So, please include me also in the discussion! 🙂

    Junaid Khan

    • Hi Junaid, so you are not interested in AC at all, only in ABC?

  10. Ohh and I am from Gurgaon, India

  11. Has anyone booked accommodation in Kathmandu yet?

    I am currently booked in to the Kathmandu Grand Hotel for 1 night but may need to extend this by an extra day or two.


    • I booked accommodation in KTM only for 1 night in October, when I arrive from Kuala Lumpur – it´s in Thamel Hotel. Later, I plan to book accommodation in KTM only for 2-3 days after trek – from 23th/24th to 26th November.
      But if all of us conclude that we can be present in Pokhara to start the trek on 4th November, I think you should take some bus from KTM to Pokhara not later than on 3th November. You maybe therefore won´t need to extend your stay in Kathmandu and rather spend night from 3rd to 4th in Pokhara 😉

  12. Hi Nonul, I was not planning on starting from Pokhara. The travel time from KTM to the trailhead is almost the same as it is from Pokhara so adding 7-8 hours to catch the bus from KTM to Pokhara is a wasted day.

    Surely, better to spend time in Pokhara at the end of the trek as that is very close to the end of the trek anyway.

    • David, sorry, you are absolutely right, my bad. I hadn´t looked at the map and routes properly before I wrote you 😉 It seems to be really close to Pokhara, but now I see it, that if you want go from Pokhara to Besisahar, you have to go relatively far to the east.. 😉

  13. Hi Everyone.

    I have been looking at the A/C trek and have come up with the following as a guide for days / timing etc

    Bhulbhule – Bahundanda – Ghermu
    Ghermu – Syange – Jagat – Chamje – Lunch – Tal Dharapani
    Dharapani – Bagarchhap – Danaque – Temang – Lunch – Thanchouk – Koto – Chame
    Chame – Bhratang – Dhukur Pokhari – Lunch – Upper Pisang – Ghyaru
    Ghyaru – Ngawal – Bhakra – Lunch – Manang (Rest!)
    Manang – Rest Day Day Hike to Glacier + Lake
    Manang – Khangsar – Shree Kharka – Lunch and Rest!
    Shree Kharka – Tilicho base camp lodge – Tilicho Lake – Lunch – Tilicho base camp lodge
    Tilicho base camp lodge – Yak Kharka – Lunch – Churi Ledar – Thorong Phedi (High Camp)
    Thorong Phedi – Thorong La – Lunch – Muktinath – Ranipauwa
    Ranipauwa – Chongur – Jhong – Putak – Kagbeni – Lunch and Rest!
    Kagbeni – Jomsom – Marpha
    Marpha – Tukuche – Lunch – Larjung
    Larjung – Dhaulagiri Ice Fall – Larjung – Ghasa
    Ghasa – Tatopani
    Tatopani – Ghara – Shikha – Lunch – Ghorepani
    Ghorepani – Poon Hill – Ghorepani – Birethanti – Nayapul – Lunch – bus to Pokhara

    let me know your thoughts.

  14. Hey Everyone,

    my name is Matthias, 25 years old, from Germany. I will arrive in KTM on 3rd Nov, planning to start the trek on 4th Nov as well.

    Acutally, I’m not looking for a partner or a group to walk with step by step, but for safety reasons and to share the beauty of the landscape and the experiences made at least in the evenings. My experiences have showed me that it’s good to know that someone is on the same way heading to the same destination and you can call in case of an accident or questions or anything else.

    If that fits with your ideas, I would be glad to become “part” of your group :).

  15. I spoke to Thomas recently, we shared our ideas about the plan.
    Here is what I proposed:
    1. DAY (4.11.)
    From Pokhara there is a morning bus at 7.00 to Besisahar (or 6.30 am)
    From Kathmandu bus to Besisahar – around 6 hours

    – jeep to jagat (4-5 travel hours): 1000 Rupee
    I have information from my friends (visited last winter) that jeep to Syange (just before Jagat) costs 750 rupee (originaly it was 1000, but they negotiated the price).

    2.DAY (5.11.)
    Syange (1130m) – Tal (1700m)

    3.DAY (6.11.)
    Tal – Bagarchhap (or Danaqu)

    4.DAY (7.11.)
    Bagarchhap – Chame

    5.DAY (8.11.)
    Chame – Ghyaru

    6.DAY (9.11.)
    Ghyaru – Manang (3,540) – KhangSar (3700)

    7.DAY (10.11.)
    KhangSar – Tilicho Tal Base camp (4050)

    8.DAY (11.11.)
    Tilichio Base Camp – Lake (5,100m) – Tilicho Base camp – Yak Kharka
    -it is possible to spend night also in other villages along the way

    9.DAY (12.11.)
    Yak Kharka – Throung Phedi
    – it is possible to sleep in Higher altitude (High Camp at 4850 m), but is recommended to sleep in lower altitudes

    10.DAY (13.11.)
    Throung Phedi – Thorong-la 5416 m – Muktinath

    11.DAY (14.11.)
    Muktinath – Kagbeni
    5 hours treking

    12.DAY (15.11.)
    Kagbeni – Jomsom – Marpha

    13.DAY (16.11.)
    Marpha – Ghasa

    14.DAY (17.11.)
    Ghasa – Tatopani

    15.DAY (18.11.)
    Tatopani – Ghorepani

    16.DAY (19.11.)
    Ghorepani – early rise (5am), 45 minutes climb to Poon Hill for sunrise, Breakfast at Ghorepani and trek Ghandruk
    Total hiking hours- about 10-12 hours

    17.DAY (20.11.)
    Ghandruk (2050 m asl) to Naya Pul (1020 m asl) (or Birethanti)

    18.DAY (21.11.)
    Naya Pul – Pokhara
    bus (1,5 hours) 100 rupees

    Arrive to Kathmandu on 22th/23th

    • Hi Veronika!

      Your plan sounds great.
      We are a couple from Germany and would love to do the trek with other people to share the experiences and evenings 🙂
      Sadly we´ll only arrive at KTM on the 4th of November. So we can start on the 5th or 6th at the earliest.

      We don´t want to destroy your plans, when they are already fixed – but maybe you are still flexible or we can meet on the way.

      Would be great to hear from you!

      Tina & Joas

    • Hi Tina & Jonas,
      unfortunately I can´t postpone my departure, but we can meet on the way. Honestly, I have decided that I don´t want to be fixed to anybody during the days, I want to trek mostly alone, but I will gladly meet in the evenings at the teahouses 😉 And also in the upper part – Tilicho and Thorong La I will definitely stick to someone from safety reasons. So if you catch me on the trek we can do this part together.

  16. Hi everyone. I’ve just booked my flights to Nepal and will be arriving in Kathmandu on the 2nd of November and your plans to start trekking the Annapurna Circuit on the 4th of November suits me. I am a 34 year old male with some trekking experience from Wales, UK. I’m easy going and enjoy meeting new people. I’d be happy to join your group, but would also be happy trekking alone now and again also. It would be good to socialise with a group along the trek, especially during the evenings etc. Regards, Iwan

  17. Hey everyone,
    I was planning exactly the same tour and wanted to start in early November too as I am currently Voluntering in Kathmandu until end of October.
    I would be really happy to join you all trekking and spending the evenings together…
    Will you guys meet up in Kathmandu before departing ?
    I am a student half German half Australian and I am fluent in both languages.

    Regards Lisha

  18. Hi Luisa and everyone,
    I was planning to start the trek latest in the end of October but since there had already started to form a nice group here, you attracted me! I see we same similar intentions. I am ok to start at 4th November. I am now in Kathmandu so if anyone from the group is around I would like to meet and plan face to face. Then couple of days later I will go to Pokhara to rest and start to wait peacefully for the possible trekking group I am dreaming for. Maybe that’s you guys! 🙂 If anyone will be in Pokhara between 1-3rd of November I’ll like to meet you there as well. Looking forward for the responses.
    All the very best,

  19. Additionally;
    I am planning for around 20 days trek. Have no rush and would love to take side treks as well. Veronika’s schedule fits me already… 🙂

    • Hi Deniz, nice to see that you like my plan. Recently I have decided that I want to walk most part of the trek alone and do my yoga stuff and so on. But in the evenings I will gladly meet in the teahouses. Later, in the Tilicho Lake and Thorong La section I would like to walk with someone, so if it fits you we can meet up later there.

  20. Hi everyone! I’m Lisa, 31 years old from Germany.

    Veronika’s plan sounds great and it’s the same I had in mind. I’ll arrive in Kathmandu on the 3rd of November in the afternoon. I think it will be difficult to get the permits the same day. So probably I can’t take the early morning bus on the 4th. Someone of you may does know how much time I’ll need to geht the permits thing done? Oh, and I fly back on the 27th from KTM.

    I would be very happy to accompany you! Looking forward for your responses.

    • Hi Lisa!

      We are two Germans, who will arrive on the 4th in KTM. Don´t know how fast we can get the permits, so we want to start the trek around the 5th or maybe better the 6th. Would love to join a group! Maybe it´s okay for you to hang 1 or 2 days around before we could start the trek together.

      When you are interested, just get in contact 🙂

    • Hey. I’ll try to leave on the 4th. But if I start off a bit later I’ll let you know!

  21. Hi everyone,

    As I’m arriving in Kathmandu around 4pm on the 3rd, I’m begining to think that I’d be better off getting a bus from Kathmamdu on the 5th, so that I have a full day on the 4th to get my permits and some stuff for the trek. If anyone else wants to get a bus on the 5th, that would be great.

    To everyone else that I was supposed to leave with on the 4th, I hope we will come across each other along the trek at some point!



    • Hi Iwan!

      We think about getting the bus on the 5th. We´ll arrive on the 4th but don´t know how fast it goes to get the permits. But maybe we´ll see on the bus! Which bus do you plan to get?

      Greetings from Germany,

    • Hi Tina. The permit office is open between 9am-3pm according to Latina from this group. She said that it doesnt take too long. So I’ll be heading there for around 9am on the 4th. It would be good to catch the same bus on the 5th. I dont know which bus I’ll be getting yet. I’m planning to research it while in Kathmandu.

  22. Hi Iwan!
    Oh too bad. We´ll arrive in KTM on the 4th in the afternoon, so we won´t make it to the office in time. Seems like we have to take the bus on the 6th in the morning. Sorry, that we don´t fit with your plan!!! But maybe we catch up on the way?

    • No problem Tina. It would be good to meet up along the way. Give me a shout if you guys are around Kathmandu on the 5th and want to meet up also!

  23. Hi everybody 🙂 i just arrived in kathmandu and saw this post. Im quite similiar to you. I want to leave as early as possible and need to be back by the 25th. Are you still up for another person joining??

    • Hi Nimrod, and other folks… I’m currently in Pokhara. I’d like to do some trekking and I’m keen to find some fellow trekkers before I head off anywhere…

      I was looking at ABC, but would also consider the Circuit. Is anyone looking at doing it in 2 weeks or less?

      Cheers! Georgie 🙂

  24. Hi!
    I plan to go to besi sahar tommorow the 3 to start trek on 4 November.
    What are your plan?