Annapurna Circuit Trek


My name is Kerry, I am a 28 y/o Canadian woman with a moderate amount of experience trekking in NZ, Aus, Peru, Nicaragua, and Canada. Check out my profile for more info about me as a person 🙂

Leaving Kathmandu on June 24 to Pokhara, then starting the circuit on June 25. One confirmed person, french male age 30. Date is not flexible, and are wanting to do the Tilicho lake side trek and the Throng-la pass. Current trekking partner needs to be back in Kathmandu by the 9/10 and I will end up in Pokhara.

I find this site really hard to navigate on my mobile, so if you are last minute interested, please email me at as I likely won’t look at this site again till we begin the trek.




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  1. hey, I’m planning on going to Nepal too… I haven’t fix dates yet but I don;t think I can make it for the 4th… I guess I can arrive on the 7th the earliest… however drop me a line if you end up doing the hike around 7-10th… 🙂 … I’m from Mexico, same as you I have doing quite a lot of travelling the last 2 years…

    • Hey Rosario! Sorry for the delayed reply! It actually appears I won’t be able to do the Annapurna Trek on my original timeline and will instead have to do it starting around June 23(ish). Not sure if you will still be around or interested in that time, but unfortunately I won’t be able to make it much earlier!

  2. Well sometime between the 20-24!! Still finalizing my itinerary as I am currently in Thailand and about to briefly see Laos and Myanmar before I arrive in Nepal!

  3. Hello Kerry! I’m 20 year old from Vietnam, now travelling in India. Planning on Nepal independent trek on 20th~ June too! Would love to join you in this trip!

  4. Hi Kerry, I am interested of doing the Annanpura trek, if you arrive on June 23-24 works for me too. I am 28y/o from Philippines living in Dubai, solo female traveller, first timer on trekking but in good shape and would really want to experience the best of Nepal. The only thing I am worried about is, I only have up to 14 days maximum time and need to go back for work. Let me know if that works and I could join your group?

  5. Hello!!! Im in Pokhara at the moment but going soon to Kathmandu to do a meditation retreat. Im going to finish the 21 of june, so will be available after that! would love to join =)

    • Hi Ona, are you still looking or finalized your upcoming trip?

  6. Hey Kerry.I live in Kathmandu, Nepal. Ive been planning to go on this trip since a very long time. You do plan to get to thorongla pass as well right? Any date after the 18th works for me. Do tell me if it works! 🙂

  7. Hi Kerry!
    I’m in Pokhara right now waiting for a good partner to come along for a trek! I originally wanted to do the Mardi Himal but seeing as there are not many others planning the same I’m broadening my options. Your dates sound great to me! I grew up on one day treks/hikes and camping trips but this would be my first long trek. Please let me know if you would be interested/open to me joining you! Thanks!!! 🙂

    • hey, i’m in pokhara too, if you are still looking for a trekking partner? hopt to see you

  8. Check for more options 🙂

  9. Hi, i’m Natalie 33 from switzerland, i’m in Pokhara at the moment and would love to do the annapura curcuit or upper mustang trekking, i haven’t been trekking for a while so i will go slowly… looking for a trekkingpartner. i would love to start around the 22 of july for around 10-14days. i need to be back in kathmandu at the 8 of july. hope to meet you in pokhara for a cup of tea to discuss trekkingplan. Best regards natalie