Annapurna Circuit Trek

I’m planning on getting to Kathmandu right around 7/17, and would want to start trekking (well, getting to Pokhara at least) a few days after getting there. I know it’s monsoon season, so I’m looking for some other adventurous people!

I’m not incredibly fast, nor am I super slow – I’d say I’ll be going about the usual pace. I’ve got about 18 days booked for Annapurna, so I’ve got a couple of days flexibility for rain delays, etc.

I’ve heard you can do Annapurna independently fairly easily – I’m not totally sure what to budget for costs, but I generally shoot right around the middle of costs.

I’m an American who loves to travel and explore! In my free time I love to run and read (not at the same time). But don’t let that fool you – I’m from just about sea level, so the altitude might require some adjustment. I’m looking for a few people to trek with and enjoy the beauty of Annapurna. And maybe enjoy dancing in the rain?



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  1. Hey Amanda, I am also planning the same. but I will be reaching Kathmandu on 19th. Let me know if we can hook up.

  2. Hi
    Im planning a trek around the annapurna circuit for about the same time. Im volunteering in kathmandu for a bit then will head to pokhara for some down time before the trek.

  3. Hi Amanda,

    My girlfriend and I will be in Kathmandu a little later than you, on the 21st. If you’re flexible, I’d be up for going with you!