Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi, I am a German 35 years old girl searching trekking partners for an independent trek on the Anapurna Circuit, preferably for 3 weeks. I would hope to set up a nice, open minded group of hikers who already have some experience in hiking/ trekking to enjoy the trek. I am quite flexible to go with a guide and/or a porter if the group decides so.



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  1. Hi Maike! I will also be in Nepal at the end of October to trek the Anapurna circuit. I have 3 weeks of leave before I start a new job (law), so my trek will ideally be for approx. 18 days. My friends have been to Nepal several times with the same guide, and I’m currently checking if he’s free and how much he charges etc. I’m a laid back person with lots of interests and a spirit of adventure! Have you already organised your trek?

  2. Hey Maike! I’m also planning the ACT in about 3 weeks (flexible about guides / porters). I’ll be in Kathmandu from the 19th, but I’m fine starting later on because I have enough time backwards. What are your plans until now?

  3. Hi,
    I’m arriving Oct 28 and I’m open to do either anapurna or EBC. I’ve just booked my flight a few days ago so I’m just looking to see if I could join a group. I’m fit, well travelled and easy going.

  4. Hello Maike,
    I’m also planning ACT for 3 weeks and starting off at 30th will be just fine. I’m alone and would like to do an independent trek without guides or porters (I need to be careful on my budget) I need company since this will be my first trek in Nepal. I’m now in Kathmandu and will go to Pokhara in couple of days. So if you are around (in Kathmandu or in Pokhara) I would love to meet you somewhere. Looking forward to the adventure. All the best. Deniz

  5. Hi!
    I’m planning act as well, but I Will start on the 29th! I arrived today in kathmandu, if you are here it would be nice to meet and share info!

  6. Hi, I arrive on Sunday 29th and start my trek on Tuesday 31th with a guide. Feel free to get in touch if you’re trekking at the same time or if you want to grab some food in Kathmandu on Monday!