Annapurna Circuit Trek

I’m heading to Nepal September 2nd and I would like to find someone to trek the Annapurna Circuit with me.
I’m a solo female traveller so would like to find a like minded partner to do it with me, preferably female too. Completely open to side trips as would love to explore more culture, monastries etc. and also love food so can’t wait to tuck into some local cuisine… maybe stay away from the goats balls though. Get in touch!
P.s. Also compulsive tea drinker and yoga dabbler (yoga’s just a nice sideline)



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  1. Hi Bekki, I am looking for a partner to do Annapurna circuit. I was planning to do it in August, but probably could push it to September. I will probably have less than 29 days though. How flexible are you?

  2. Hi! I’m really flexible I was looking at doing it anytime in September and taking maybe 17-19days, what were you thinking? I originally put 29 days as that’s roughly how long I will be in Nepal for.

    • Hi Bekki, sounds good. I have sent you a message. Let me know what you think and let me know, as I need to book my flights.

  3. Hi Bekki, I’m also planning to trek the annapurna circuit in september. 29 days for the circuit and some time Nepal is about what I have in mind, too.
    How far along are you planning all of it?

  4. Hi, I’m in India.. South.. TN.. I didn’t go trekking.. This is my first trekking trip.. So I lk to know the cost n plan dtls..

  5. Hey Bekki! I’m really looking forward to going on the Annapurna Circuit trek. I’ll be arriving to Nepal from India at the beginning of September, and will be staying in Pokhara for a few days. I don’t have any specific date, but would love to join.

  6. Hello Bekki!! I’am neeraj from india only. I’am also planning to do this trek during same time. Can we start planing for it??

  7. Hey Bekki, I´m just about to plan my Nepal trip and would also like to hike the AC around September. I´m not in a rush and pretty flexible. A big YES to Yoga and any side trips!
    I make awesome ginger tea btw =)
    What´s your plans? Hoping the team´s not complete yet …

    • Hi, are you still planning on trekking around the 10th sept, as I’m trying to find gals to walk with! I love ginger tea and baby yakd! Let me know if your still looking for company. I’m from Aus!

  8. Hi guys im planning to do the anna purna circuit too after bringing the clothes to earthquakes victims which i gathered from singapore . ill arrive in 25th august . so perhaps a week after or less? Ill be free . i took a one way ticket so im flexible as long i still have money haha.

  9. I plan on trekking the annapurna circuit around September.
    I don’t heave any previous treking experience but from what i read online, it seems like noobs do ok in annapurna. Please let me know if i can join yous. 🙂

  10. hello everyone! i’m planning to do the Annapurna Circuit this September. Preferably mid September. Let me know if you guys wanna join/accommodate me. I’m a doctor (surgeon) by profession. You could surely use one on a long trail like AC 😉

  11. Hi, im in kathmandu at the moment. Probably going to head to Pohkara 03 september. Going to trek Annapurna early september if Bekki or anyone is interested in joining me. (24, Australian).

  12. Hi Bekki, I’ve got my permit for the 10th Sept and was looking for someone to trek the Annapurna, I finished EBC last week and am now gearing up for Annapurna! I’m a solo female traveller who would live to share the hike and possible porter charge wt someone else. Let me know if your still interested. I’m in Kathmandu now if you want to meet for a tea?!

  13. Hi Becki and all! I’m in Pokhara now and have the morning bus booked to the trailhead on the 9th. Solo male trekker here from US – would love to meet up with others for some of the trek! Let me know if anyone is going on the 9th otherwise maybe I’ll meet you on the trail!

    • And sorry about the typo on your name above 🙁

  14. Hello Bekki,

    We are planning to move on sept 15 from Kathmandu . we will be doing tilicho lake too 🙂