Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi everyone!
I’m a 29 year old spanish guy arriving to Nepal on August the 13th, and leaving on September the 8th. I’m looking for partners to go on an independent trekking around Annapurna. My idea is to go on our own without companies and closed packs. Anyway, I’m open to possibilities and ideas about both the circuit, the duration of the trek, and maybe looking for a guide if we agree on that. Hope somebody would like to join me! I know the season is not the best but i think we can still enjoy the trekking. Best regards!!



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  1. Hey Roger,

    i am Roxana from Germany and I am 23 years old. I want to do the Annapurna Circuit but actually I want to start on 12th. August because I have to reach Kathmandu latest on 26/27th. I would love to do the trek without a Guide but I am feeling much better to go the trek with someone else.
    So I would prefer to go with you, but do you can imagine to start on the 14th?
    I also have already an itinerary (but we can change it). So if you are interested it would be great to hear from you.


    • Hi roxana, I’m bella from Indonesia. I want to do ABC trek, and planning to start from Kathmandu on 13th. I’m with one friend, will be so much fun to have other people with us since we’re trekking on monsoon season.
      My departure date is 22, so I’ll be taking 8 days trekking. Please contact me if you interested.

  2. Hey Roxana. I am interested, but i’m afraid i’m not able to be ready on the 14th. I’m arriving Kathmandu on the 13th and i need a while to get the permits and reaching Pokhara. Thats why i planned to start on the 15th, at least….
    What itinerary do you have? How many days?

  3. Hi guys…i and my girlfriend are interested in the same trekking. The period is more or less the same and i think that we could manage the time in order to satisfy the requests of all of us. My idea is to reach Jomson by jeep (i’ve read that is possible from Pokhara). This may be a long trip due to the “mountain roads” but at the same time an occasion to see the landscape of the south west part of Annapurna. Then we walk from Jomson to Beshisar in 6 days. Could be a solution meet us in Pokhara the 19th, catch the jeep the 20th and start the trekking from 21 to 26.

  4. Hey Steve. I have to tell you that we already closed the plan and we are leaving Kathmandu on the 14th to start the trek