Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey everyone! Looking to hike the annapurna circuit!

I’m looking at setting aside September 28th to the end of October to do the trek: It’s going to be an incredibly beautiful part of the world, so a few extra days to acclimatise, take it easy, relax at the hot springs at the end, and do any side-trek’s we feel like doing along the way would be great.

Only thing is I’d really like to go straight to the trek as soon as I get to Kathmandu: I’ve had Dengue fever before, so if I hang around in the low-lands at the end of the monsoon I put myself at risk of getting it again (which is infinitely worse, and life threatening).

SO, an early trek is the plan!

I’m really flexible, so if you have any questions or want to suggest some plans just put it out there! Two heads are better than one after all 🙂

I’m not a super experienced Trekker but I’ve got a lot of common sense, I’m very fit, and I love good company and people who are switched-on travel wise. If you want to rocket through the trek as fast as you can I’m probably not your guy. If you like to stop and smell the roses and enjoy life: Hit me up 🙂

Look forward to chatting to you guys in the trekkingpartners community soon. Any questions or suggestings, just ask! 🙂

Henry James



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  1. Hey Henry,
    I’m Harm Schütte(22) from Germany and I’ve got pretty similar plans as you!
    Till the 24th of September I will stay in Dehli. After that I’m planing to go up to Nepal asap to do the Annapurna Circuit Trek!
    I would describe me with the words open minded, adventurous and felxible. I have little experience in trekking which I have made in Norway!
    If you are interested and still searching for a guy to hike the Annapurna Circuit, write me back!

    See you,

  2. Hi Henry,

    My name is Veerle and I’ll arrive in Kathmandu on the 27th September and looking to start the Annapurna Circuit pretty soon after my arrival. I need to be back in Kathmandu on the 19th October so not sure if this works with your plans. A little bit about me I’m 28, Dutch but currently living in Australia. I’m average fit, love a good chat and coffee and I’m a pretty easy going travel companion. Let me know if you would like to meet up. Cheers, Vee

  3. Hello everybofy. Im Benoit from France. I im in Pokhara. I want to leave tomorow for This trek. I would like to share with other people if it is possible. Contact me on whatsapp. +33787628053