Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi guys!

I’m looking to do the Annapurna circuit end of March/beginning of April. Currently travelling around India and heading to Nepal end of March, so my dates are a little flexible. Looking to meet up with another trekker or a few who want to join up. I’m also flexible and interested in doing side treks as well and open to ideas!



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  1. Hi Kayleigh,

    I’m arriving in Kathmandu on 12th March and was planning to take a couple of weeks there and Lumbini before heading over to Pokhara and the ACT (with side trips, probably including ABC) at the very end of March/Start of April.

    Would definitely be interested in getting together in a small group to tea house trek the route and, seeing as our schedules seem to match up, I thought put my name down for this.

    Let me know if that’s cool.


    • Hi Steve, I’m looking for a partner too to do the ABC. I would like to begin the 2nd April but if you want I can begin the 1rst (start from Pokhara and go by bus in Besi Sahar). What do you think about that?

  2. Hey!

    I’ve been volunteer teaching for the past two months in Nepal and am finishing up in mid-March. Really looking forward to doing some trekking around the end of March/beginning of April too!
    My schedule is really flexible so it’d be great to have people to plan a tea house trek with!


    • Hey Audrey,

      I haven’t heard from he originator of this post, but your schedule matches with mine. Drop me a message if you’re interested in doing this together. Then we look for any other people that are interested too.


  3. Hi Kaleigh:)

    I’ll be in KTM on 20th March and wish to commence the circuit around your time as well.

    On a budget trip so a teahouse trek would be perfect. Flexible with the provision of guide/porter depending on the group size.

    Btw, I’m 22, from Hong Kong, just graduate from college. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Bon Voyage

  4. Hi Kaleigh. It’s really funny because I went in India in one week ago and now I’m in Népal for almost one month. I would like to start the ABC the 1st or the 2nd April because I have my flight the 16th in Kathmandu. Maybe it will be funny to do this trek together what do you think about that?
    Thanks for you answer

  5. hey i will be in pokhara on 1st april looking for a group to do trek together