Annapurna Circuit Trek

The plan is fully opened, I’ll arrive the 5th of July to Kathmandu and I expected to have 2 days there and after head over to the Annapurna Area to start trekking.

I do have one month time that I can spend around, so I was thinking to do the side trek to Tilcho Lake and maybe the ABC towards the end.

All of it in a very low cost budget. I estimate somewhere in between 300 to 500 USD

I am a very outgoing dude, from Spain/Mexico and living in the Middle East. I wokrk as a watersports instructor and I really like to socialize. At the same time, when trekking I like to do it at my own pace and enjoy the views, not a talking machine, but really enjoy a good time playing cards at the Tea House and share what we experience day a day.

The plan is very open to everyone who wish to join and no attachments, if at some point you prefer to stay longer on a place or go faster it’s completely fine 😉

Hope I’ll heard about you!!



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  1. You will require Permit to trek in Annapurna region and I suggest you take a guide for Tilicho Trek for it’s a difficult one.
    Have a nice trek!!

  2. Hey Hector,

    I just arrived in Pokhara but I am currently running a small fever. My plan was to rest during the week and start trekking around Friday. I’m open to side trips as I am in no rush. Were you planning on taking the bus directly to the trail head?


    • Hey Alan,

      Have you started your trek? If not, I’ll be in Nepal around the 12th or 13th, we could start around then if you’re interested.