Annapurna Circuit Trek

I arrive in Kathmandu on the 5th of September. I plan to spend a few days there and then head towards Annapurna, starting the trek Besi Sahar. I am quite flexible on dates. I plan to take it slowly. May include the trek to Annapurna Base Camp. I want to avoid the road and use the NATT Trails. I am not under time pressure, I have until the end of October. I need to be in Pokara for about the 25/26 October so I plan to take it slowly, do some side trips and take lots photographs. Does this or part of this suit anyone?



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  1. Greetings¡
    How flexible are you with the dates?

  2. What are your plans? I know when I get out there I’ll be keen to start but I guess it depends on the weather too. I know I have quite a bit of time but the more I can spend in the mountains the better.

    • Am landing in Kathmandu on september 14.. Afterwards i guess it’s trekk schedule

  3. OK – let’s keep in touch about it – that sounds like it could work:-)

  4. Great we’ll be in touch

  5. I’m planning to come back to Nepal this year, pretty flexible about date and area, I didn’t get my ticket yet, and didn’t decide about my first trek too. I’m thinking of spending two to three months there and doing at least two major treks and some side treks as well. I’m not a fast trekker, and I would rather go slow, enjoy scenery, taking photos and chatting with locals. I’m not going to hire any agency or person for this, I like to do it independently as we did it in 2012 with three other friends. I’m thinking of three to four like minded people to do this in September to November 2017. So please keep in touch if you think it’s gonna work for you.


    • Let’s keep in touch and see if our dates work out.

  6. Hola … I will fly to Kathmandu from Dhaka on 12th of Sept. to take on APC trek following the NATT trails. After spending a day or two (max) purchasing gears and obtaining TIMS & ACAP, I will set off for the trek from Besi Sahara. Nevertheless, I’m little flexible concerning the itinerary. I just know that I need to be back in Kathmandu no later than 5th/6th Oct. However, if I find like-minded travelling partner, I may end up combining the circuit and ABC together in the same trip or may go for other side trips.

    I’m Asian (Bangladeshi). I love meeting new people and making friends while travelling. I’m very easygoing, amiable, compassionate and fun loving as well. I’m looking for like-minded partner(s) here. Let me know if our dates work out.


  7. Hola! Let’s keep in touch – I will be trekking a little slower as I have a larger timeframe but maybe we can do some days together.

  8. Hmmm !!! …I also plan to do long treks with side trips and photographs…Have done the short treks to Annapurna and wanting to do long trek for a long time…..planning to depart on September first week and go for a good long trek without time pressure…..

    • Let’s keep in touch, and see if it works out. I am going to have a few days in Kathmandu and explore etc before heading off.