Annapurna Circuit Trek


I am seeking to do Annapurna from the beginning of May (around the 10 May) for at least 17 days. I would like to depart from Kathmandu and end in Pokhara (going back to Kathmandu).

I am not an experienced trekker, but a generally fit 34-year-old. I have only done one multi-day hike before and that was the Milford Track in New Zealand.

I reckon I may be affected by the altitude so I am not going to be a hero and be quick up the mountain. On the plus side, I am an upbeat conversationalist and have my own gear, which I hope to carry as much as possible. Let it be light! Let it be light! I enjoy card games and probably would enjoy backgammon if taught it!

I tend to prepare, but I would ideally be flexible on the actual hike – to account for fatigue, rest, side trips to the odd lake, altitude acclimatisation etc …

If you are interested in sharing the journey, please let me know!





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  1. Hello Taya,

    I am also planning to Annapurna around same time. I will be reaching Kathmandu on April 29th and will be starting the trek in a week or so. I hoping to hit the trek around may 3 or 4th but I am flexible.

    I am also not an experienced trekker, but relatively fit 26 year old. I have done few treks in Peru, Usa and Canada.

    My plan is to take my time and enjoy the local culture.

    Let me know if the dates work for you if not also let me know may be we can work out something.


  2. Hi Taya

    My names Tara, 38, relatively active but no athlete! Think my major issue would be altitude sickness as well pretty sure the hiking wouldn’t be massive issue. I think we are planning a similar trek & I’m flexible with dates. Be great to meet someone planning similar trip. I plan & list obsessively but with regards to bigger stuff not that bothered about details! So totally laid back obsessive compulsive or something! I’m in Sydney – think you might be in Oz as well? Let me know if your still planning on going. I’m going to stick ad up as well. Hope to hear from you Tara

  3. Hi Taya, Raheel and Taya! I’m looking for some folks to do the Annapurna with in earylish May. I’m 28, Canadian, f and looking for a friend or a few to do the Annapurna Circuit. I presently live in Kathmandu for an internship at the UN, so I know a little bit about Nepal just from being around here. I’ve done a two-week hike in Corsica (France), the Inca Trail and quite a few other day-hikes. I’m also a huge cycling fan. I’m hoping to do this AC neither too fast nor too expensive, and very happy to share a guide with a group 🙂

    • Hello emilie-Anne, great! I’m in Kathmandu from 8-9 May and intend to depart for besisehar/bhulebhule on 9 May. We could meet up in Kathmandu if you like. My intention is not to have a guide because apparently the trail is quite well marked out/ well plodded.
      What do you think?

  4. Hai Taya and Emilie-Anne,
    I am planning to trek the Annapurna from around the same date as you are (I will arive in Katmandu on the 6th). I am 29 years old, cheerful, from Holland and done several treks over the years. Let me know whether I can accompany you guys:)

    Greetings, Mirte

    • Hi Mirte!

      Yay! Ok my suggestion is that we meet in Kathmandu on Saturday 9 may somewhere at 1pm? Do you need any help with stuff lists etc ??? I can send you my lists of things to take to Nepal ..

  5. Hey Taya,

    How are your plans coming along for this trip? Have they been affected by the earthquake? I’ll be looking to do the Circuit too but from Pokhara. Would be cool to meet up somewhere at the beginning of the trail if you’re keen 🙂


    • Hey Claire,

      So … I am waiting for more news to get out of Nepal but at this stage I’m thinking of not doing the trip. I will wait a few days before I make a final decision.

      I’m also starting from Kathmandu going to bhulebhule or besisahar, so we’re doing Annapurna in different directions.


  6. Hello everyone, I have decided not to do the circuit anymore which is really sad but I am concerned it will be too unsafe – partly due to disruptions to infrastructure, sanitation and transport in Kathmandu and pokhara and who knows where else. I am also concerned about aftershocks and the possibility of landslides or otherwise unsafe geological movements. These are all assumptions of mine currently given the little information coming out of Nepal at the moment.

    But better to be safe than sorry. Good luck with your travels and hopefully we see each other again on the Annapurna circuit.

    Kind regards