Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey Guys,

I’m Jeroen and I’m from the Netherlands. Yesterday I am arriving in Kathmandu. I want to do the Annapurna Circuit. Depart Kathmandu between 20 and 23 march. (BTW; My date are flexible).
I would prefer an independent trek, however if someone insists, we can discus to do the trek whit an guide or porter.
View years ago I climb the Mont Blanc 4800 meters, one of the most high mountains in Europe, spend and several years in military and last year I walk the Santiago the Compostella.
Looking forward to meet you guys.

Greets, from Kathmandu (The Valley Guesthouse)

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  1. Hey Jeroen! My name is Audrey I’m in Pokhara at the moment and would also like to do the Annapurna circuit, I also wanted to leave on the 22 but apparently the pass and most of the upper mountain is closed due to bad weather.

  2. Hey guys are u in Pokhara? Im planning my trip also. I rather go with a couple of people, so if your interested to meet somewhere.
    Im also from the Netherlands btw, and have to be back in Kathmandu around 14th of april.

  3. Hey,

    I am in Kathmandu right now and also plan to start at the 22. (Or at least depart here at this day) 🙂
    May we open a WhatsApp group or something similar? Maybe we all can meet at the first station/village?
    @Audrey: according to the weather forecast it’s getting better 🙂 no snow for the next week.

    Best regards,

  4. Hey guys! Im also in pokhara right now and planning to start somewhere in the next days. Are you guys interested in meeting today and see If we can do the trek (or at least de start) together?

  5. Where do you want to start the trek? I’ll probably be in Bhulbule by the end of tomorrow. May we meet there?
    Jeroeon, how and when do you go to Besisahar?

  6. Martijn, felix. Do u guys wanna meet up somewhere today? my facebook is stijn tupan!

  7. Hey stijn that sounds good! Do you know godfathers pizzaria at the north side of the strip? Maybe we can meet there in front at 6?
    Felix, I Will take te bus from pokhara to besi sahar tomorrow so I think I Will also be in bhulbule by the evening.

  8. Yea sounds good! see you there!

  9. Hei,hello everyone! Me and Ana are now in kathmandu and we’re going to Pokhara tomorrow,hopefully to make the Annapurna Circuit. We have just spoke with a girl that said that some friends were rescued from Annapurna some days ago. Where are you now? Do you have some new informations?
    Regards, and good luck!

  10. Sorry, I was offline the whole day yesterday.
    I hope I got WiFi in the evening. Maybe we can text then and find us.
    Have a good first day! 🙂

  11. Hello everyone, I’m currently in Pokhara, and was wanting to leave maybe tomorrow (23rd March) to do the Annapurna Circuit, but heard there’s lots of Snow. It will probably clear up, but you never know.
    Is anyone else here thinking of leaving tomorrow? Or have other plans?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hey Adam,me and Ana are getting tomorrow to Besi Sahar at 6h30,in the bus. The others,are you ahead? Bye!