Annapurna Circuit Trek – UPDATE

I and another medical student colleague have been doing an internship in a hospital in Kathmandu and are planning on doing the Annapurna Circuit. We are aiming to start trekking in the first week of April. We’re quite flexible.

We are looking to meet some people to go trekking with, as we think it will be safer in a group, and ultimately more fun!

We’re pretty easy going guys and think this would be a great opportunity to meet new people.

Please drop me a message or a text, we are already working in Kathmandu and would be keen to meet up before trekking if possible.

We look forward to meeting you!

Best Wishes

Steve and Russ

UPDATE: Hey everyone, we’ve had a few replies now and it seems that a few folks may be arriving at different times. Add me on whatsapp +447880220387 and I will create a group so we can all discuss timings etc.

This link will add you to our WhatsApp group.




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  1. namaste trekkers
    i m mattia , italian guy living in london
    i would like-love doing this trek with some other people.
    i ll be in nepal for 3 months and i will be in annapurna region in april
    my tim card is from 1 april to 5 of may.
    let me know if i can enjoy the group.
    thanks in advance

    • Hi there, you are welcome to come and meet us in Kathmandu over the next few weeks. Drop me a message and we’ll meet for a beer.

      Keen to get people along so you’d be most welcome.

      Best wishes

      Steve H

  2. I m sorry guys but I already spent enough time in katmandu
    So if is ok for u we can meet in pokara at the beginning of april
    I m travelling around terai at the moment

    • Yeah no problem pal. Message me with your Nepali number and I’ll let you know when we arrive.

  3. Hey lads, I am a Nepali guy from Kathmandu . I have been shouting in couchsurfing 😛 , thinking i would get some company ,finally i ended up here & good to see like minded trekkers. I’m planning to start my trip from 5th or 6th of April. Here is my itinerary : 1. Ktm – Beshisahar(bus ), 2. Beshisahar – Chame (jeep) 3. Chame – Manang . After this im planning to go with flow, i mean comfortably ..planning to go to TIlicho Lake and then to Thorangla Pass & finally to Jomsom . It would be fun to trek in small group, it would be more secure too .

    • You are more than welcome to join! We’re gonna be at ‘jazz upstairs’ tonight and probably Saturday too if you want to meet up.

  4. Hey guys! I will gladly join you for the trekk, I am also aiming to start around the beginning of April and I will be in Kathmandu the 31 march!

    • Hey Simon, im too planning to start around first week of April. Would like to team up if possible . Regard’s

    • Hey Simon! Would be more than happy to meet up. We’ll be leaving for pohkra on the 3rd. We’re staying in thamel so can meet everyone in thamel or in pohkra

  5. Namaste guys
    My nepali number is +9779813500324
    Or whatapp +393280296265
    Let me know
    I m in lumbini now and in 3 days ill go to pokara
    If is ok i will wait u guys there
    Let me know

    • Hey Mattia, on what date ,you are planning to start the trek ?

    • Hi again Mattia, getting to pohkra on the 3rd in the afternoon.

  6. Hey Steve and Russ, hope this finds you well. My name is Oscar and I’m a college student from the US/Finland coming up to Nepal on April 4th, hoping to start after a few days in KTM. Been wanting to go to the Himalayas since I was 8 so I’m pretty excited, how has your work in Kathmandu been?. I was thinking about doing the same intenirary so it would be great to get in contact with you guys. If you’re interested we could meet for some tea or a beer April 6th or 7th? Best wishes, Oscar

    • Hey man, we’re planning to set off on the 5th from pohkra so we might miss you! Busses from Kathmandu leave early at like 7am. Gonna try and make a WhatsApp group to discuss with everyone who’s interested

  7. Hey how’s it going? Have you guys got a departure date yet from Kathmandu? I’m hoping to start April 8th. Would be great to tag along