Annapurna Circuit Trek

Planning to do Annapurna Circuit Trek 1st week of March for 2.5 weeks



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  1. Hi Sam!
    I am also doing the Annapurna Circuit. Its my first time in Nepal and I am so excited! You can read more about my plans here:

    Let me know if you are interested in trekking together!


  2. Hey Sam!

    I would like to start arropund the 10th of March. If it is okay for you to wait some days more to start, we could hike together ;).

  3. Hi Sam. I’m planning to do similar trek in march. My plans are really flexible and i would like to hear more about yours. Message me if you want company.

  4. Hi! I want to do the same in match! Now I’m in Kathmandu, i’m planning a low cost trek, avoid guides and porters, if you want, i’m here!

  5. Hi Sam!

    I am currently in Pokhara and I’m hoping to start the circuit trek in the next few days. If your are still looking for company let me know! I’m pretty flexible about dates/budget etc.

    All the best // Joanna

    • Hi Joanna. It would be great if you want to do the Annapurna trek. I get into KTM on the 4th of March, and was planning to get a bus to the start of the trek on the 5th (or 6th), and walk as much as possible until the 19th.
      Would this be of interest to you?
      Best wishes,

  6. Hi Sam!

    Actually that would suit me perfectly. My visa ends on the 25th of March so as long as I’m back a few days before I’m happy.

    Do you want to get a guide or are you happy to go it alone?

    Best, Joanna

  7. Hey guys! Im also in kathmandu right now and heading to do Annapurna asap. When are you guys leaving? Would be great to meet up. Add me on fb and drop me a message if you wanna arrange more easily…