Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi there, my wife and I are looking to head to the Annapurna circuit as it looks like awesome fun. We’re not overly experienced but are young, fit and enthusiastic.

We’ve been travelling since August and as a result have not much cash but plenty of anecdotes to make up for it.

We plan to make a reasonably relaxed pace to combat altitude/fatigue issues and to enjoy each area and landscape we pass.

We’re planning to hire a guide but no porter (light packing) and so splitting the cost of the guide and meeting others would be ideal, so join!?!



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  1. I am planning for Annapurna Circuit Trek with my husband during April 28th – May 13th. The dates are flexible.
    We are from India, currently living in Singapore. And planning for ACT in April/May. Let me know if you are interested in going with us.
    We are also not very experienced, but trekked small mountains until now.
    We plan to take a guide as well. Let me know if you are interested in joining us. We will be happy to go as a group.


  2. Hi, we are couple from Australia. I am planning to annapurna circuit but planning to follow NATT route. We will be landing on 14th evening and traveling to annapurna circuit area and will be keen to share the cost of transport. However we need to go back on 29th April as our flight is at 1700 back to Australia. I got a quote for jeep transfer for 150 for 4 people. I wonder how much is the guide as I am probably not planning to take one but can be flexible on that. Please let me know if you are interested to discuss further.

  3. Hi Jared (and your wife), your plan sounds great and seems to be exactly what i am searching for. As i am travelling alone i would like to join a small group and also thought about a guide. I am arriving in Kathmandu the 11th of April, guess 15th would be fit to start the tour. I have time until mid of May, so i don’t have to be back a certain time. I am experienced in hiking trips, nevertheless trekking in these heights is also a new experience for me. But as you said, looking forward to that adventure. If you are interested to meet would be great if you message me. Sabrina

    • Hi Sabrina I’m looking to start the trek around 18-19th of April if you were looking to go later. Would love a travel buddy !

  4. Hi Jared, I’m also looking for a small group to join. I have some experience with long distance treks and I’m always up for a good adventure. I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu around April 13th, and I have until the beginning of May before heading back home. Let me know about your plans and if I can join your group.

    • Hi Aubrey!! I’m Nuria from Spain and I’m also looking for people to share the trek. If you are interested, just tell me!!

  5. Hi Jared,
    I’m Nuria from Spain, a solotraveller and I’m looking for someone who share the Annapurnas trek. I’m like enjoy the tríp and taking photos.
    My handicap, I don’t speak english very well, but I try it!!
    Tell me ir hoy are interested. Thanks!!