Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi all! I’m arriving in Kathmandu late on the 17th and I’m looking at starting this trek around the 21st, but I’m flexible with that. I fly out of Kathmandu on the 14th but would like to be back in Pokhara around the 7/8th of April.
I’ve travelled extensively and love being outdoors, and this is my 1st trip to Nepal. This will be my first trek of his length, but have done shorter treks in Sth America and and around the world. Looking for one or a few other people to share the experience with. I’m flexible on the length of the trek, but would like to complete it no longer than 18 days. Keen to add on some side trips if time permits.



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  1. Hey Brett!

    Would be keen to join you on this, at least for the best part of it! I was estimating about 25 days all in all, but that’s fairly loose.

    Have you found anyone else for it yet?

    I’ve not done any long treks like this but have done a few multi day ones in northern England along with a lot of hiking in western Canada.

    Let me know!


  2. Hey George, that sounds good, although I definitely wont have 25 days. I haven’t found anyone else at this stage. Do those start dates work ok with you?

    • Awesome, that’s no problem. We could definitely start it together and see how far we get? I know that the days that make it longer for me are walking down after the summit (as opposed to flying/bussing from jomsom).
      I assume you aren’t planning on getting a guide? Everything I’ve read and people I’ve spoken to have said you really don’t need to due to all the info, maps, signs and people.

      Are you on Facebook? Might be easier to chat on there.

  3. Yeah man, my Facebook link is on my profile. Nah, no guide, from all reports I’ve read it a pretty easy trail to follow for the same things you mentioned.

  4. If it’s not there, email is

  5. Hi Brett and George, I’m in Pokhara right now, I’m interested in start the Annapurna circuit in a couple of days (I’m flexible with that) I wanted to start tomorrow but here many people told me that in Manang is snowing, the paths closed and the trekkers stucked and coming back! So the best thing to do is wait here for better conditions up there.

    Please let me know if is possible to join on you trek and make a group. Now I’m alone!

  6. Hi Santiago, yeah you’re welcome to join, no worries. I’m in Kathmandu now and I’ll be heading to Pokahar tomorrow. That’s not good news about the snow, I hope it clears very soon.
    I’ll get in contact again after I arrive in Pokhara.

  7. Weather reports show from around the 21st is going to be sunny around thorung Pedi, so hopefully enough time to melt the snow and get through before it snows again, fingers crossed.

  8. Ok, good news! Anyway I’m worried about my equipment. I don’t have water proof shoes, and I think their will be necessary.

    The idea is to take the bus from Pokhara to Besishar the 20st? Or 21st?

  9. Hey Santiago, I was thinking of the 21st, just as I need to get some gear, as I fee like some snow gear might be needed. but I feel like I need to get to the pass sooner rather than later, so possibly the 20th. Do you want to meet today and make some plans?

  10. Hi guys, I would like to start the trek with you, joining you for a while. I could arrive in Pokhara by tuesday, 21. Leave Pokhara then Wednesday. Will you be still there? I did Poon Hill already, so I would prefer to start at the other side of the circuit, Besi Sahar.Where would you prefer to start? And, it’s quite easy to trek this part of Nepal without a guide, it’s pretty touristic 😉 If you could call me on my nepali cell, that woud be great: 981 83 78 7070

  11. Hey Bret! I’m in Pokhara at the moment. I was also thinking of doing the Annapurna circuit, leaving on the 22. Only thing is I also heard about it being closed after manang. Are you guys leaving tomorrow?

  12. Hey all, Same here. looking for a group to hike with. Currently in pokhara, and flexible with the dates.

  13. Hi Audrey and Stijn, that would be great, welcome to join. Yes I have heard it is closed at the moment, but from some weather reports I’ve seen, there is better weather coming, so I was hoping by the time I’m up there it may be open. I think I’d prefer to make the decision from up there rather than waiting down here to do so. Would you guys like to meet up later somewhere and have a chat about it? I think that will be easier than through this forum.

  14. Santiago and I will be at Cafe Concerto on the main rd in Lakeside East at 5pm, if you want to join us. 🙂

  15. K great, see you guys later then! 🙂