Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi! I’m Sjors from Haarlem, the Netherlands. I’ll start university next year and I’m currently in my gap year. I love making music and being outdoors, whether it’s hiking, cycling or something else.
I’ve done a few hikes before, amongst them walking the Kilimanjaro a few years ago, and now I’d love to do the Annapurna Circuit Trek with somebody or a small group. I’d like to take the time, take some nice side trips and avoid the busy roads as much as possible, as I want to enjoy the Himalayas to its full extent. This would approximately take 18 days. My starting date is quite flexible.
If this appeals to you, please contact me!



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  1. Hey Sjors!
    My name is Abhi and I wanted to do the Annapurna Circuit Trek as well around this time. I’m currently in a gap year too before going back to university in France in the autumn.

    I can start from Pokhara on the 26th or 27th March earliest and was really looking for a very similar experience (take it slow, with side trips to some places like Tilicho lake etc and maybe trying the NATT trails to avoid the dusty roads).

    I only have to be back in Kathmandu by 17th April so I’m flexible if you would prefer to start at a later date.

    Let me know if this sounds interesting to you!

  2. Hi Sjors,

    Maybe we can plan something together. See my post in reaction to Nicole below (28th of march).


  3. Hey Sjors, mocht je nog een buddy zoeken… Ik ben sinds vandaag in kathmandu en ben voornemens om deze week de Annapurna circuit te doen.

    Groetjes Jeroen

    • Hoi! Wij gaan Aankomende zondag of maandag weg. Je bent zeker welkom, al geloof ik dat je al eerder weggaat…

  4. Hi Sjors and all the other ones! are any of you gonna be in Pokhara over the next few days so we could meet and discuss all this over a beer? I am hoping to be there tomorrow or the day after and wanted to start the ciruit around 25th/26th, doing the whole thing with sum side trips as well!

  5. Hey Sjors,
    My name’s Francis. 22 from the UK. I’ve already done the Annapurna Base Camp trek and Langtang Valley trek and I would really like to fit in the Annapurna Circuit trek before I leave Nepal on the 15th of April! My friend has flown home so I’m out here alone now and would like to do the circuit with a good group of people. I’m a little bit rushed for time so I’d love to start on the 26th or 27th. I’ll be heading over to pokhara on the 25th! Get in touch if this all sounds cool to you.

  6. Hi Francis, I am gonna meet Abi and Kartita tonight probably after their triathlon briefing. Would yo like to join? Do you have a whatsapp number?

    • Sorr Ive just realised youre only gonna be here from tomorrow! Did you manage to get’your permit in Ktm?

  7. Hi!
    I’m Zelda and I’m 19.
    I want to do it also and I’m in pokhara. Do you already meet each other? Is it possible maybe to join you?

  8. Hi zelda, were all gonna meet tomorrow at 5.30 at Tea time bamboostan on the main street pf lakeside opposite china town. Youre welcome to join! Heres my whatsapp number +33 770189010. Because this website is not practical to discuss!

  9. Hi Sjors (and everyone), I’m starting out tomorrow between Besisahar and Chame. I don’t have loads of time so may keep to Chame, but obviously take it slowly at altitude. If anyone would like to join me let me know asap! Have a good trip otherwise.