Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey there!

I’m arriving in Kathmandu the 8th of March and would like to start hiking the 10-11. I have 4 weeks in Nepal so not in anybrush. Would like to stay and enjoy the local culture as well as doing the hike. So happy to do 21 days. I’m not taking a guide but will take a porter.

Please drop me a line if you have similar plans.




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  1. Hey Joyce,
    I’m currently in Kathmandu. I plan on doing Annapurna circuit around the same dates. I’m on a tight budget $400- if it’s possible. I’m going to carry my gear. I’m 33, easy going, into yoga, health, meditation.

    • Hey Kanti,
      Thx for your reply. I’m probably leaving after the holi festival on the 13th. But flexible on this. I’m not on such a tight budget but maybe we can still make it work or even start the hike together? Sorry for the late reply. All the notifications were in my junk mail. Send me a message if you want to discuss things further

  2. Hey Joyce,
    I sent you a message directly. Please confirm that you received it. I fly out on April 3rd, so will be returning to Kathmandu at least by April 2nd.