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I travel alone to Nepal for my first time and I would like to complete Annapurna’s circuit trek. I would like to hire a porter-guide and I have asked for prices but it’s a little bit expensive for me. I would like to share costs if anybody is interested. I am looking for a person or two more at maximum. If I am feeling good I would like to visit the Annapurna’s sanctuary as well. I arrive to Kathmandu on the 9th of April in the morning and I leave the country on the 7th of May. So I am not in a hurry.

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  1. Namaste!

    I have checked my message and I just wanted to correct some mistakes. In my first message I wanted to say that I am travelling alone not along and that I will leave the country on the 7th of May not live the country (that doesn’t sound very bad). I used to speak a very good English but after that I became French teacher. Now I only use English when I travel. So it was a little bit hard to write this message. I hope I will find somebody nice and calm to share this experience and in this way my efforts will be rewarded, haha.

    Thank you,

    • Hi! I’m looking at doing this trek as well. I wouldn’t be arriving until a little later in April, around the 16th, but if you’re flexible it could be good to do together!

  2. Hello,
    We are arriving in Kathmandu on 2nd of April and we would like to start the trek on 4th. Also, we will hire a porterguide, mostly to carry my wife’s gear. If you are interested and flexible you can join us. We didn’t chose the porterguide yet, but we have a lot of offers.
    For now, besides my wife and I there are other 2 persons interested, Kanishka (india) and Zoe (Scotland).
    If this suits you, you cand trek along with us.
    See ya,

    • Hello Laurentiu!

      I can’t start the trek on the 4th of April because I will arrive in Nepal on the 9th of April, 5 days later your start day. I bought the plane ticket in January, so I can’t change the flight dates. It’s a pity!
      Otherwise, I would appreciate if you could say to me the prices the guide-porters have given you. They asked me 20 dollars per day for the meals, accommodation and insurance of the guide-porter. And they told me to prepare a budget of other 25-30 dollars per day for me. It sounds a little bit expensive, doesn’t it?

      Best regards,

      Thank you for your answer.

  3. Hi Batirtze!
    I am sorry that we cannot trek together. We bought the tickets in January, too, can’t change it now. Anyway, it is possible to meet on the way, who knows?
    Regarding the porter-guide, our price offers starts from 15 usd per day (meal, accomodation and insurance included) to 30 usd per day. I can’t say much about the daily budget, but I think if you stay thight 20-25 usd will be enough. I will leave you a link with some intereting information from a trek in 2013:
    If you’ll find someone to trek with you, maybe you can share the costs. That’s why parteners are good for!
    Hope to see you on the way.

  4. Hi Bartirtze,

    I’m planning on doing Annapurna trek in April, 2015 as well. My dates are quite flexible as I’m yet to book the tickets. I’m planning on doing the side treks to Tilicho lake or other areas as well.

    • Hello Sahil!
      I’m sorry for the late answer. My dates aren’t flexible because I took the flight in January. So, the plan is still the same respecting the dates with the difference that now I’m going to hike with all my gear.

  5. Hello!
    I think we might be a perfect match for this trip. I arrive in Nepal on April 9th as well and would like to hike the Annapurna Circuit with the aid of a guide or porter-guide. My idea is to hike this at an unhurried pace and maybe even take a side trek or two. I will be staying in Nepal to volunteer after this trek so have a flexible time frame.

    I look forward to hearing back from you,

    • Hello Shari!
      Finally I’m not taking a guide or a porter. I’m going to hike with another girl and we take all our gear with us. We plan to start on the 11th of April and maybe to go to Tilicho’s lake and me I would also like to go to the ABC.
      If you are interested in coming with us maybe we can meet in KTM.

  6. Hello Batirtze,
    I sent you a private message. Did you get it? I would love to join you on this trek. Let’s be in touch about logistics.


    • Hello Shari,

      I have sent you a private message with my e-mail address. We can talk by this way if you want.


  7. Hi Batirtze,

    I will be staying in KTM till the 9th and 10th as I want to meet a friend who lives and works there and who I wanna discuss stuff about the area before I leave for the trek. I would love to discuss the route even if we aren’t trekking together because I do like to inform myself as thoroughly as possible before I travel. I am flexible with the duration of the trek going up to a month. Hopefully we can get to meet in KTM before you decide. Take care.



    • Hi Aditya!
      I hope to move to Pokhara on the 10th of April after having done some things I have to do in KTM and to start the trek on the 12th. If you are still alone for the trek, I’m staying in the Happily ever after hostel. I wont’ check this page anymore. Now I have to prepare all my things for the big trip. Bye and good luck!

  8. Hi Batirtze,
    I am travelling to Kathmandu on the 10th and am looking to do the Circuit too 🙂

    • Hi Steph,
      I hope to move from KTM to Pokhara on the 10th, just when you arrive. We start hiking on the 12th. I am staying in the Happily ever after hostel in KTM (just the night of the 9th of April) if you want to leave a message. I won’t check anymore this page. Now it’s time to prepare my things for the big trip. Bye!