Annapurna Circuit Trek

My name is Eirik, 24 year old male from Norway. I have previous experience on trekking/hiking, but not at very high altitudes. I am looking for a positive person(s) to join med on this adventure!

I Have already posted a trip here already, but seems i cant edit. So i post a new one.

I will fly into kathmandu on the 15th of september, planning to start the annapurna circuit from besisahar/bhulbule on around 19/20th most likely, hopefully the moonsoon will be done by then.

Since road is a slight anoyance nowadays, i plan to use the NATT – guide (natural trekking trails). Its free to download online and show how to hike the circuit without spending much time on the jeep road.

I have around 26-maximum 28 days of trekking available and would like to do it at a moderate pace, taking my time to acclimatize.

Things i want to include:
Sleeping in Ghyaru on the trail from upper pisang (good for aclimatizing)
Side trip to tillicho lake
Spend some time in mustang area after muktinath (jhong, kagbeni)
If time, do annapurna basecamp from ghorepani after the circuit.

Let me know if you are interested in joining!



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  1. I am planning to do the Annapurna Circuit trail starting a few days after arriving on the 12th September. I plan to stay in Kathmandu for 2 nights after arriving, I need to get ‘geared up’ either in Kathm. or Pokhara, whichever is best, I think I can get the gear I need in either of those 2 places or both. Your plan sounds similar to mine, Eirik. I’m Tim of USA, I’m little older than you; I’m 53, but I feel I’m in pretty good shape and with a bit of ‘easing in’ should be fine. I’ve been wondering how I can find a trekking partner and just found this website today. Your reply is welcome. Tim

    • Hello Tim! Sorry for late reply. Age is just a number! What i care about is trekking with someone who appreciate mother nature and the amazing culture and history of the region. Just let me know when you know for sure or contact me in late august/early september. Think i will be in the ladakh region of india until the moonson eases of in mid september.
      Cheers – Eirik.

  2. Hi erik
    I am thinking to about doing the anapurna around the dates you long do you think itll take you?

    • From what I’ve seen, 14 days seems to be a typical timeline but that need not be the case and I like your plan of staying off the roads, roads are for cars and trucks, feet are for footpaths!
      That being said, I can take a few extra days, I’m in no particular hurry and like the idea of sticking to more scenic trails and off the pavement.

  3. “What i care about is trekking with someone who appreciate mother nature and the amazing culture and history of the region.”
    YesX3!!! i’m hoping we’ll be teaming up for this adventure and trek! As far as your timeline for arrival and the time you want to take to do the route and the fact you want to keep off the road as much as possible, I am 100% in agreement with this scenario. I’m of a military background and believe very strongly in a buddy system and that no team member should be ‘left behind.’ IOW, you can count on me to follow through. Absolutely Eric, let’s keep in touch and keep forming our plan(s). Thanks so much partner! May the trail rise up to greet you, enjoy your time in Ladakh Region!! Tim

  4. Hi,
    Really interested in joining you! Your timeline sounds great and I’m open to any side trips as I’m not under any time pressure. Drop me a message if your interested.

  5. Hello, Eirik!
    What is your precise plan?
    What dates are you going to spend on the circuit? 20/09/17 till 3/11/17? I am short of time, so it’s important for me to know the circuit dates.

  6. Hi Eirik & all,

    Love your plans!
    I’ve much the same idea, arriving to Kathmandu on the 16th and taking up to 5 weeks in Nepal to ensure I get to fully embrace the history, culture and beautiful scenery of the circut & side trips along the way (hoping to have a couple of days trekking to explore while relaxing post Circut). Hoping to find other relaxed & positive trekkers to share the experience! Let me know

  7. Hello!

    Just found this site searching for trekking partners. Solo female traveler from USA. Just finished up 5 months in India. Going to head to Nepal in a few days from Delhi. Will arrive in Kathmandu around the 15 Sept. Would love to join people on this adventure. I’ll be getting the 30-day visa but would like to complete trek in ~12-17 days to see some other places in Nepal before heading to Myanmar. Please let me know if you’re interested in having more people join. Thanks.

  8. Hi Eirik! This sounds great. I’m already in Kathmandu, so I’ve had a little while to relax after the trip to Nepal. Let me know if you want to grab a beer to talk about the trip. I’d love to join! (Also planning to do Goyko Ri trek, if you’re game).

  9. Dear all!
    Did you meet already/ decide on your plan? I will arrive in Kathmandu tomorrow night and would love to find trekking partners for the annapurna circuit (including nice side trips). I fly back on october 9th, so i might need to go back to kathmandu a little bit earlier (but I don’t think that is a huge problem, since I can just finish at jomson for example).
    By any chance do you meet somewhere on sunday?


    • Hi Renske,

      A few people have contacted me about heading out on the trek with me. I’m in Patan Durbar Square if you want to meet up with us for a beer this weekend to come up with a plan!

  10. Hello everyone!

    Are you still looking for some trekking partners?

    I am still looking for some trekking partners, and I am planning to leave around the 18-20th of September.

    Right now I am in Pokhara, if someone is around I am willing to meet and see what we can set up.