Three Passes Trek

Hi, I am planning on trekking three passes trek at the end of march/ beginning of april. I was hoping to team up with someone nice and easy going. Trekking independent would be my first option and maybe hire a guide if needed. I am open in dates and route



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  1. Hi! I made a separate post, but we seem to be leaving at similar times. I’m also flexible with dates in that time, but near the 25th-30th would be preferrable.

  2. Hi Fernanda, i’m arriving sunday in Nepal and first gonna do another trip. Around the 1st I wanted to start the 3 passes. So maybe we can join up….

    ps. I have been visiting chile constantly over the last 10 years, its my second home chi-chi-chi-le-le-le

  3. Hey, I’m also thinking of doing similar… I arrive in Kathmandu on 28 March and would be looking to leave shortly after. Also want to travel independent if possible. Only concern with three passes is how to get there. are you thinking to fly or bus? Anyways get in touch if you want to discuss possibilities. Kate

  4. Hi Fernanda,
    I would also like to start the three passes trek around the end of March.
    Would be very nice to have a walking partner!!