Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi everyone! I’m Petter, 28yrs from Sweden. I just arrived in Kathmandu and I’m looking for partners to do the Annapurna circuit starting around February 17th. I think this could take anywhere between 10-20 days depending on weather, acclimatisation, number of side trips etc. I’m very open to suggestions if anyone wants to join and help planning.

I’m very easygoing and would love to share this experience with some more people!

Let me know if this sounds interesting




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  1. Hi Petter! I’m exactly in the same situation you are. I’m Adrià from Minorca, Spain. 26 years old. I have done several walks but not high like this. I’m now in kathmandu and planning to go to besisahar tomorrow morning if you thing its a good idea. I think Im also easygoing and friendly but also want to listen te silence of himalayas. Actually I think partner is very important for the higest points always if the weather is ok. Also I think between 10-17 Days depending on the weather.
    Very happy to find a possible partner! If you are also in Kathmandu we can meet today.
    Keep in touch 😉

    • Hi Adrià! Good to hear! This sounds very good.

      Yea let’s meet up somewhere and see if we can plan something. I’m staying at the alobar1000 hostel, Thamel area. Let me know what would work for you


  2. Hi guys! I’m Bastien, 27yrs old from France. Arriving in Kathmandu today and gonna stay in Nepal for about 3 weeks and looking for mates to do the Annapurna Circuit with.
    If you’re still looking for people, let’s meet and talk about it! 🙂

    • Hi Bastien! It would be great. I already got my permits and todah Im going with petter to get his ones. I expect to start today but we depart tomorrow morning. If you want to join we can help for you to set everything to depart tomorrow morning. On my side, I can not delay more my starting day. Wich hostel are you?